TOEIC Part5対策 単語・文法クイズ

Quiz 1.

They discussed _______ many subjects.

  1. a) over b) about c) around  d) –


Quiz 2.

Tina’s so unfit, she just can’t _______ up with the other runners.

  1. a) keep b) get c) come  d) stay


Quiz 3.

Her _______ figure was the envy of all her friends.

  1. a) slim b) average c) skinny  d) thin


Quiz 4.

Listening to jazz _______ me relax.

  1. a) causes b) makes c) helps  d) pushes


Quiz 5.

You’re your own worst _______. You’ll never lose weight if you keep eating burgers all day.

  1. a) problem b) enemy c) friend  d) person


Quiz 6.

I hate going for dinner with him, all he ever does is talk _______ (about work)

  1. a) shop b) supermarket c) store  d) talk


Quiz 7.

I got _______ presents this year.

  1. a) a lot of b) much c) a little  d) any


Quiz 8.

Good luck _______ the year ahead.

  1. a) for b) in c) about d) to


Quiz 9.

We _______ you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  1. a) hope b) have c) wish  d) dream


Quiz 10.

I always eat too much _______ at Christmas.

  1. a) meats b) drink c) food  d) chocolates


Quiz 11.

The Christmas decorations are _______ this year.

  1. a) so beautiful b) such a beautiful c) such beautiful  d) so a beautiful


Quiz 12.

This is _______ best Christmas ever!

  1. a) a b) an c) –  d) the


Quiz 13.

If I could go anywhere for Christmas, I _______ go to New York.

  1. a) will b) can c) would  d) could


Quiz 14.

The day after Christmas day _______ Boxing day.

  1. a) call b) called  c) is called  d) calls


Quiz 15.

I wish it _______ be Christmas every day.

  1. a) can b) will c) could  d) had


Quiz 16.

Could you tell me where _______ buy a Christmas tree?

  1. a) can I b) I can c) can  d) off


Quiz 17.

Your wife is so mean to you, I don’t know how you put _______ with her!

  1. a) down b) through c) up  d) off


Quiz 18.

I got the job! That’s great, you’ve _______ my day. (I’m now very happy.)

  1. a) done b) improved c) took  d) made


Quiz 19.

I haven’t seen you in ages. Let’s have a coffee and _______ up.

  1. a) catch b) drop c) keep  d) go


Quiz 20.

My family’s not rich or poor, I’d say we’re just _______.

  1. a) wealthy b) medium c) central  d) average


Quiz 1  d) –

Quiz 2  a) keep

Quiz 3  a) slim

Quiz 4  c) helps

Quiz 5  b) enemy

Quiz 6  a) shop

Quiz 7  a) a lot of

Quiz 8  a) for

Quiz 9  c) wish

Quiz 10  c) food

Quiz 11  a) so beautiful

Quiz 12  d) the

Quiz 13  c) would

Quiz 14  c) is called

Quiz 15  c) could

Quiz 16  b) I can

Quiz 17  c) up

Quiz 18  d) made

Quiz 19  a) catch

Quiz 20  d) average