Day 1 意味 同義語(Synonym)
apt 適切な inclined, prone, disposed
apt 適切な proper, appropriate, suitable
astonish 驚かします surprise, astound, shock, startle, daze
chronic 慢性的 habitual, confirmed, inveterate
dirty 汚れた foul, unclean, filthy
domain ドメイン region, area, territory
domain ドメイン sphere, field
enthusiastic 熱狂的な ardent, zealous, passionate
extend 広がります go, run, range, outspread, stretch
extend 広がります expand, enlarge, lengthen
feat 業績 achievement, accomplishment, exploit
fulfill 満たす execute, accomplish, achieve
fulfill 満たす satisfy, appease
heavy ヘビー ponderous, weighty, burdensome
immerse 浸します submerge, dip, submerse
incompatible 互換性がありません inconsistent, incongruous, inharmonious
intrigue 陰謀 attract, interest
intrigue 陰謀 plot, conspire
large huge, enormous, sizable
large pretentious, boastful
magnitude 大きさ extent, degree, measure
magnitude 大きさ volume, size, amplitude
maintain 維持します affirm, contend, claim
maintain 維持します sustain, preserve, keep
outbreak 発生 epidemic, plague
outbreak 発生 eruption, explosion, burst
proclaim 宣言する announce, declare, promulgate
quiver 矢筒 shiver, tremble, quake
reckon 数えます count, compute, calculate
reckon 数えます consider, regard, deem
release リリース free, liberate, loose
release リリース emit, vent, give off
release リリース loose, untie, unfasten
relief 救済 aid, assistance, support
relief 救済 alleviation, ease
reproduce 再現します copy, duplicate, imitate
speculative 投機的な theoretical, abstract
speculative 投機的な thoughtful, reflective, meditative
stimulate 刺激します prompt, activate, inspire
subordinate 下位 inferior, subject, dependent
torrential 激しいです wild, violent
Day 2 意味 同義語(Synonym)
access アクセス approach
address 住所 residence, abode
address 住所 speech, lecture, discourse
assume 引き受けます undertake
assume 引き受けます pretend, affect
attain 達成します reach
attain 達成します achieve, acquire, procure
boast 自慢 brag, swagger
capacity 容量 magnitude, dimensions
capacity 容量 ability
celebrity 有名人 a famous person, hero, notable
comply 従います consent, conform, accede
decline 低下 refuse, reject
decline 低下 fall, descend, weaken, deteriorate
desert 砂漠 abandon, forsake
digest ダイジェスト imbibe, assimilate, absorb
dwell ドエル reside, live, inhabit, abide
fashion ファッション create, produce, make
fashion ファッション fit, adjust, suit
fear 恐れ dread, fright, terror
grateful 感謝します appreciative, thankful, obliged
hallmark 顕著な特徴 feature, a distinguishing trait
ideal 理想的 perfect, model, exemplary
ideal 理想的 abstract, theoretical, hypothetical
laborious 骨の折れます difficult, demanding, arduous
laborious 骨の折れます diligent, industrious
linger リンガー remain, stay, tarry
linger リンガー lag, procrastinate, loiter, drag, delay
loathe 嫌います abhor, abominate, detest, hate
misgiving 疑念 apprehension, doubt, suspicion, distrust
novel 小説 new, fresh, inventive, rare, strange
observe 観察する perceive, notice, watch
observe 観察する conform, follow, comply
plentiful 豊富な abundant, wealthy, rich
preoccupied 夢中 engrossed, absorbed
property プロパティ possession, asset, estate
property プロパティ quality, character, characteristic, feature
ration 配給 assignment, allotment, allocation, apportionment
relation 関係 connection, relationship, association, alliance
ridiculous ばかげました funny, absurd, comical
sanguinary 血なまぐさいです bloody, bloodthirsty, cruel, ruthless
Day 3 意味 同義語(Synonym)
afford 与えます provide, give, grant
announce アナウンス proclaim, publish, declare
chance チャンス probability, likelihood, opportunity
current 現在 prevailing, prevalent, popular, common
engage 従事する promise, contract, pledge
engage 従事する reserve, book
engage 従事する hire, employ
esteem 尊敬 respect, prize, value
evidence 証拠 proof, sign
fertile 肥沃な productive, fecund, fruitful
generate 生成します produce
haughty 横柄な proud, arrogant
innate 生来の inborn, natural
invaluable 計り知れません priceless, precious
likely 恐らく probable, possible
maxim マキシム saying, principle, proverb
object オブジェクト protest, remonstrate
outstanding 傑出した remarkable, prominent, eminent, striking, conspicuous
patron パトロン protector, supporter, advocate
peril 危険 risk, jeopardy, hazard, danger
predominate 優勢です outweigh, prevail, surpass, dominate
pretense ふり pretext, excuse
previous prior, earlier, former, preceding
prime プライム primary
primitive プリミティブ primeval, uncivilized, savage
procedure 手順 proceeding, course, process
proposition 命題 suggestion, proposal
quick クイック prompt, rapid, swift, fleet, hasty
reinforce 強化する strengthen, intensify
shield シールド protect, defend, safeguard, guard
solitary 孤独な isolated, lonely
stimulus 刺激 incentive, incitement, provocation, stimulation, stimulant
taboo タブー prohibition
thrive 繁栄します prosper, flourish
tide stream, current
stick スティック cling, adhere, cleave, hold, cohere
stir かき混ぜます agitate, provoke, stimulate, excite
vain 無駄な useless, fruitless, unsuccessful
wound 創傷 injure, hurt
view ビュー prospect, outlook, opinion
view ビュー consider, see, regard
a wide range of 広範囲の a wide variety of
Day 4 意味 同義語(Synonym)
achieve 達成します accomplish, effect, perform
applause 拍手 acclamation, acclaim
assent 同意 accede, consent
attribute 属性 ascribe, impute, refer
attribute 属性 quality, character
brisk 活発な active, lively, energetic
confess 告白する admit, acknowledge, own, avow
descent 降下 falling, descending
descent 降下 origin
disseminate 広めます spread, scatter, disperse
exact 正確な accurate, correct, precise
fervent 熱烈な ardent, earnest, passionate
fine 罰金 slight, subtle, delicate, refined
greet 挨拶します salute, accost
habituate 慣らします familiarize, accustom
harbor room, accommodate, board
harbor cherish
incidental 偶発 accidental, casual, contingent
initiate 開始します begin, originate, commence, inaugurate
manager マネージャー administrator, executive, director
mass 質量 collection, aggregation, accumulation, pile
old 古い ancient, antique, aged
opponent 相手 adversary, enemy, foe, antagonist, contestant
pacify なだめます calm, tranquilize, assuage
partisan パルチザン adherent, supporter, disciple
period 期間 time, era, epoch, age
proceed 進みます advance, progress
procure 調達します obtain, gain, secure, acquire
profusion 豊富 plenty, abundance, bounty
real リアル factual, authentic, genuine
reproach 非難 admonish, blame, rebuke
responsible 責任 charged, liable, accountable, answerable
sharp シャープ keen, pointed
sharp シャープ sudden, abrupt, acute
sour サワー tart, acid
supplement 補足 add to
suspend サスペンド defer, postpone, delay
suspend サスペンド stop, cease, arrest
tailored テーラード adapted
torment 苦しめる afflict, abuse, bully
trial トライアル attempt, effort
Day 5 意味 同義語(Synonym)
abreast 横に並んで alongside
affectation 気取り airs, pretense
ally 味方 affiliate, associate, confederate
anonymous 匿名の unnamed, unsigned
anticipate 予想します assume, foresee, forecast
archaic アルカイック ancient, antiquated, antique
aspect アスペクト appearance, look, countenance
ban 禁止 forbid, inhibit, prohibit
behavior 動作 conduct
ceaseless 絶え間ありません constant, uninterrupted, eternal
change 変化する transform, vary, alter, turn
cut カット sever, divide, chop
disturbance 擾乱 agitation, disorder, confusion, shattering
enrage 激怒させます anger, aggravate
enterprising 進取的な energetic, ambitious, adventurous
entice 誘惑します allure, tempt, seduce
equivocally equivocally ambiguously
exterminate 根絶します extirpate, annihilate, eradicate
frightful 恐ろしい horrible, dreadful, fearful, awful
harmony 調和 agreement, concord, unity
improve 改善します enhance, refine, ameliorate, better
league リーグ alliance, confederation, union
mild マイルド moderate, temperate
nearly ほぼ almost, approximately
outrage 激怒 anger, aggravate, offend
permit 許可 let, allow
radical ラジカル fundamental, basic
radical ラジカル extreme, drastic, revolutionary
reference 参照 allusion, mention
separate divide, part, sever, disunite, split
sparse まばらな scanty, meager
stranger ストレンジャー alien, foreigner
support サポート assist, back, advocate
tangible 有形 concrete, real, substantial
tolerate 耐えます endure, stand, bear
train 列車 aim, head
unambiguous 明白な clear, distinct, definite
virtually 事実上 in fact, practically
virtually 事実上 nearly
wary 用心深いです alert, careful, cautious
wealth abundance, profusion
Day 6 意味 同義語(Synonym)
agile アジャイル quick, light, nimble
ample 十分な large, spacious, vast
arbitrarily 任意に randomly
bright 明るい radiant, glowing, brilliant
brightness 輝度 radiance
competent 有能な qualified, capable, proficient
conjure 呪文で呼び出します recall
conjure 呪文で呼び出します implore
contemptible 卑劣な mean, abject, base
durable 耐久性のあります lasting, enduring, constant
dwarf ドワーフ pygmy
extinct 絶滅しました vanished, defunct
fabricate 作ります make, build, construct, concoct
foster フォスター rear, breed, nourish, raise, promote
fury 激怒 rage, anger, wrath
grudge 恨み malice, spite, malevolence
harm damage, mischief, detriment
innocent 無邪気な sinless, blameless, guiltless
impute 転嫁します attribute, ascribe, refer
leave 残します depart
lift リフト raise, elevate, uplift
literally 文字通り really, actually
moderate 適度な reasonable, temperate, mild
prolong 延ばします lengthen, extend, protract
purge パージ purify, cleanse, clear
reasonable リーズナブル rational, logical, sensible
refined 洗練されました purified, clarified, distilled
reprove たしなめます rebuke, reproach, admonish
resilient 弾力性のあります rebounding, elastic
revolt 反乱 rebel, mutiny
scarce 乏しいです limited, rare, deficient, insufficient
scope 範囲 range, extent, space
shabby みすぼらしいです ragged, beggarly, poor
short-lived 短命の lasting for only short period
substantial かなりの strong, sturdy, solid
substantial かなりの noticeable, considerable, important
vacant 空いています empty, void, unoccupied
villain 悪役 rascal, scoundrel
wander さまよいます ramble, rove, roam
zone ゾーン area, region
Day 7 意味 同義語(Synonym)
abolish 廃止します annul, nullify, revoke
acknowledge 認める confess, own, admit
adversary antagonist, enemy, foe
aesthetic 美的 artistic
affect 影響を及ぼす influence, impact
affect 影響を及ぼす pretend, feign, assume
apprehension 不安 anxiety, misgiving
aptitude 適性 aptness, fitness, suitability
assail 攻撃します assault, attack
attachment アタッチメント affection
bear くま carry, transport, convey
bear くま yield, provide, produce
bother 面倒 annoy, trouble, disturb
declare 宣言する announce, proclaim
dispute 紛争 argue, debate
dubious 疑わしいです arguable, doubtful
expect 期待します anticipate, await
faculty 学部 ability, capacity, aptitude
field フィールド area
guiltless 潔白な sinless, blameless, innocent
influx 流入 arrival, incoming
inquire 問い合わせます ask, query
lure ルアー seduce, allure, decoy
mount マウント ascend, climb, scale
murder 殺人 assassination
outstrip 追い越します surpass, outrun, excel
pertinent 該当します relevant, germane, applicable
presume 推定する assume, suppose
proud 誇りに思う arrogant, haughty, overbearing
refer 参照します attribute, ascribe, impute
roughly おおよそ approximately, nearly
semblance うわべ appearance
semblance うわべ analogy, similarity, likeness
sophisticated 洗練されました complex, complicated
stage ステージ level, phase, period
talent 才能 aptitude, capability, faculty, gift, ability
terrible ひどいです dreadful, awful, frightful
tiny 小さな little, minuscule, small
tyrannical 専制的な despotic, oppressive, arbitrary
verge 寸前 brink, rim, margin, border, edge
zealous 熱心な enthusiastic, eager, passionate
Day 8 意味 同義語(Synonym)
acquaintance 知り合い associate, companion
acquire 取得します secure, gain, earn
affection 愛情 attachment, amity, love
agree 同意します assent, accede, concede
alert アラート attentive, vigilant, wary
alliance アライアンス association, coalition, union
amplify 増幅します enlarge, expand, magnify
ardor 情熱 eagerness, zeal, passion
ascribe 帰する attribute, impute, refer
authorize オーソライズ empower
authorize オーソライズ allow, permit
collect 集めます assemble, amass, aggregate
compensate 補います atone, offset
confirm 確認します assure, verify
effective 効果的な efficacious, efficient, effectual
embarrass 困らせます confuse, perplex
empower エンパワー authorize, warrant, permit, enable
gathering 集会 assembly, convocation, congregation
gracious 優雅な benign, courteous, polite
greedy 貪欲 avaricious, desirous, covetous
increase 増加する augment, enlarge, escalate
loom 織機 emerge, appear, take shape
painstaking 念入りな assiduous, diligent
passionate 情熱的な zealous, enthusiastic, earnest
perplex 混乱させる confuse, puzzle
pleasing 楽しいです attractive, agreeable
primary プライマリー fundamental, elementary, basic
proper 適切な fit, suitable, adapted
retaliate 報復します avenge, revenge
serve サーブ suit, suffice, answer
shrewd 抜け目のありません astute, keen, acute, clever
soften 和らげます soothe, alleviate, ease
stand スタンド endure, bear, tolerate
strive 努力します try, endeavor, struggle
supply 供給 furnish, provide, replenish
suppose 仮定する assume, presume
surprise 驚き amaze, astound, startle, astonish
treat 扱います serve, handle, deal(with)
undertake 着手します assume
zenith 天頂 apex, peak, tip
Day 9 意味 同義語(Synonym)
abandon 放棄します relinquish, leave, desert
antidote 解毒剤 remedy
conspicuous 目立ちます obvious, prominent, manifest, apparent
cure 治す remedy, heal
discern 識別する perceive, discriminate, distinguish
dorsal 背部の relating to on the back of
eliminate 取り除きます remove
fuse ヒューズ melt, dissolve
hinterland ヒンターランド region
inaccurate 不正確な incorrect, erroneous
kinship 親族関係 family relationship
liberate 解放します release, free, deliver
lower 下段 reduce, decrease, diminish
mirror reflect, repeat
mutual 相互 reciprocal
orderly 整然とした regular, systematic, methodical
patch パッチ mend, repair, fix
protest 抗議 remonstrate, complain, object
rash 発疹 reckless, heedless, indiscreet
recall 想起 recollect, remember
recite 暗唱します rehearse
regain 取り戻します recover, retrieve
rehearse リハーサルをします recite, practice
remembrance 記憶 recollection, reminiscence, memory
renew 更新します regenerate, renovate
repent 悔い改めます regret, atone
resign 辞職します relinquish, abandon, forsake
secrete 分泌します release, discharge
soothe 落ち着かせます relieve, allay, mitigate
stay 滞在 remain, reside, sojourn
surplus 余剰 remainder
tear rend, rip, sever
trustworthy 信頼できます reliable, true, credible
umpire 審判 referee, arbiter, judge
unrelenting しつこいです relentless, implacable, inexorable
wonderful 素晴らしい marvelous, remarkable, awesome
swear 誓う avow, vow, promise
transform 変換 convert, change, alter
warp ワープ bend, deform, twist
variety 多様 diversity
variety 多様 type, species, sort
Day 10 意味 同義語(Synonym)
advantage 利点 benefit, profit, behalf
barrier バリア bar, obstruction, barricade, obstacle
beg 頼みます entreat, implore, beseech
betray 裏切る be unfaithful to, be a traitor to
bind バインド tie, band, bond, fasten
brute ブルート beast, animal
circumvent 回避します avoid, bypass, go around
clumsy 不器用な awkward, unskillful
commence 始まります begin, start, originate
conduct 行動 behavior, demeanor, bearing, manner
conscious 意識 aware
credit クレジット belief, trust, confidence
cruel 残酷な barbarous, ferocious
desolate 荒涼としました barren, ravaged
donation 寄付 gift, contribution, offering
exchange 交換 barter, interchange, swap
foundation 財団 basis, base, ground
fundamental 基本 basic, essential, primary
gang ギャング band, clique
good-will 善意 benevolence, favor, kindness
greed 貪欲 avidity, avarice, covetousness
hatred 憎しみ aversion, hate, detestation
justify 正当化します prove, confirm, verify
lament 嘆く deplore, grieve, mourn, bemoan
microorganism 微生物 microbe, bacterium
moody ムーディー gloomy, sullen
origin 原点 beginning, source
predict 予測します foretell, prophesy, foresee
progress 進捗 improvement, advance, development
scoop スクープ gather, lift, pick up
score スコア gain, win
shine 輝き beam, glare
shy シャイ bashful, reserved, coy, timid
skilled 熟練しました skillful, adept, expert, proficient
stem base, root
stem stop, dam, obstruct
stem derive, proceed, originate
subdue 征服します conquer, defeat, suppress
subsidize 援助します back, finance, fund
sustain サスティーン support, bear, uphold
unanimity 満場一致 accord, agreement
Day 11 意味 同義語(Synonym)
attribute 属性 quality, character
bravery 勇気 boldness, courage, daring
captivity 監禁 bondage, confinement
clasp クラスプ grasp, grip, clutch
cohesion 凝集 bond, adhesion, adherence
coincide 一致します exist at the same time, happen at the same time
coincide 一致します agree, concur
condemn 非難します blame, censure, reprobate
considerable かなりの significant, substantial
considerable かなりの big, sizable, large
corpse 死体 body
crop 作物 harvest, yield
defect 欠陥 blemish, flaw, fault, shortcoming
defection 亡命 betrayal, apostasy
deplore 嘆きます grieve, lament, mourn
deprive 奪います strip
dull 鈍い boring, tedious, uninteresting
flame 火炎 blaze, fire
flock 群れ group, multitude, bevy
generous 寛大な bountiful, unselfish, charitable
grant 付与 bestow, confer, award
heroic ヒロイック brave, courageous, gallant
intermediate 中間体 between extremes, middle, halfway
intolerant 偏狭な impatient, bigoted, prejudiced, biased
kind 種類 benign, humane, compassionate
limit リミット bound, boundary
margin マージン border, edge, rim
mischief いたずら harm, injury, damage
mix ミックス blend, mingle, compound
moreover さらに in addition, besides, furthermore
necessary 必要 essential, indispensable, vital
obstruct 妨害します block, bar, hinder
paralyze まひさせます benumb
partial 部分的 biased, prejudiced, unfair
petition 請願 supplicate, beg, solicit
prejudice 偏見 bias, partiality
premium プレミアム bonus, gift, reward
reform 改革 amend, improve, ameliorate
rigid リジッド stiff, hard, inflexible
rigid リジッド strict, severe, rigorous
risk リスク hazard, danger, venture
Day 12 意味 同義語(Synonym)
blame 非難 incriminate, reproach, censure, condemn
command コマンド order, bid, instruct
comprehend 理解します understand, grasp, perceive
creditable 立派な reputable, honorable
decided 決定しました resolute, determined, final
displace 変位させます supplant, replace, remove
enclose 同封します surround, circle, encompass
entail 伴います require, impose
excel エクセル surpass, outdo, exceed
genre ジャンル kind, type, style
illustrate 説明します represent
indignation 憤慨 resentment, wrath, anger
inhibit 抑制する hinder, restrain, prohibit, forbid
involve 巻き込みます include, entail
lease リース rent, hire, charter
liable 責任 responsible, answerable, accountable
limited 限られました confined, restricted
mend 修理 repair, fix
mingle 混ぜます mix, blend
obligation 義務 requirement, duty, responsibility
obligate 義務付けます require, compel, force
offer 提供 present, proffer, tender
occupation 職業 job, calling, vocation
oppose 反対します resist, object
outcome 結果 result, consequence
pause ポーズ rest, break, halt
quake 地震 tremble, shiver, quiver
reactionary 反動的 repulsive
render レンダー represent
render レンダー afford, give
renown 名声 fame, repute, distinction
repel はじきます drive away, repulse, parry
restore リストア renew, renovate, repair
save セーブ rescue, salvage
savor 味わいます taste, flavor
spare スペア save, economize
spare スペア give, grant, offer
stimulating 刺激します restorative, refreshing, energizing
typify 典型となります represent, embody, symbolize
wholesale 卸売り extensive, indiscriminate
zeal 熱意 passion, enthusiasm, ardor
Day 13 意味 同義語(Synonym)
admire 感心します esteem, revere
adversity 逆境 calamity, catastrophe, misfortune
careless 不注意な heedless, reckless, indiscreet
cheat カンニング deceive, trick, delude
composed 構成 calm, tranquil
conceal 隠す hide, cover, bury
conciseness 簡潔 brevity
deliberate 意図的な careful, thoughtful, cautious
glow グロー shine, radiate, beam
hiatus 中断 break, interruption, gap
incinerate 焼却処分します burn
indignity 侮辱 humiliation, insult, scorn
light-hearted 気軽 carefree, gay, joyful, merry
load 負荷 burden
luster 光沢 sheen, brightness, brilliance, radiance
massive 大規模な huge, bulky, large, immense
occupy 占める capture, seize
placid 穏やかな calm, peaceful, tranquil
polish 研磨 brighten, shine, gloss
prove 証明します verify, substantiate, confirm
purchase 購入 buy, procure
restful 安らか peaceful, undisturbed, pacific
restrict 制限します limit, confine, restrain
rupture 破裂 breach, burst
scrutiny 精査 examination, investigation, inspection
self-evident 自明 evident, obvious, clear
shameless 恥知らずな impudent, insolent, unashamed
shatter 打ち砕きます break, smash
shock ショック jolt, startle
significant 重要 important, substantial, remarkable, consequential, momentous
sincere 誠実 earnest, genuine, true
slaughter 虐殺 massacre, butcher, kill
strife 闘争 conflict, struggle, fight
summon サモン convene, convoke, bid
sweeping 掃除 broad, comprehensive, wholesale
tall 背の高いです high, elevated, lofty
tremendous 途方もない huge, gigantic, colossal
vivid 鮮やか bright, pictorial, realistic, lifelike
vocation 天職 job, occupation, employment
whim 気まぐれ caprice, whimsy
Day 14 意味 同義語(Synonym)
accidental 偶発 contingent, casual, unexpected, unintentional
adorn 飾る decorate, beautify, ornament
captivate 魅了する enthrall, enchant, fascinate
coax 同軸ケーブル cajole, persuade
claim 請求 demand, request, require
commemorate 記念します celebrate
confident 自信を持ちます certain, convinced
defy 無視します challenge, brave
delicacy 珍味 sensitivity, frailty
disadvantage 不利益 harm, damage, injury
famous 有名な celebrated, well-known, distinguished
feast ごちそう celebration, anniversary, ceremony
freight 運賃 cargo, shipment, load
gather ギャザー collect, aggregate, assemble
generosity 寛大さ charity, bountifulness
glad 嬉しいです delighted, elated
grand 壮大な imposing, stately, august
hearten 元気づけます encourage, inspire, cheer
hub ハブ center
humid 湿気の多いです damp, moist
incarcerate 投獄します imprison, confine
incised 切り込みました carved
incommode 不便を感じさせます disturb, trouble
joyless つまらないです cheerless, gloomy, dismal
juvenile 少年 children’s
main メイン chief, prime, principal
negligence 過失 carelessness
occur 発生する happen, befall
opportunity 機会 chance, occasion
overtake 追い越します catch up with
prudent 慎重な cautious, discreet, careful, wary
repress 抑制する quell, suppress, subdue
revise 修正します modify, change, correct
spirit 精神 mind, tendency, inclination
skillful 熟練しました deft, adept, dexterous, adroit, proficient
sociable 社交的な gregarious, companionable, social
transformation 変換 change, transition
transport 輸送 carry, convey
trick トリック cheat, beguile, delude
variable 変数 changeable, inconstant, fickle
wholesome 健全 healthful, healthy, salutary
Day 15 意味 同義語(Synonym)
affluent 裕福な rich, opulent
avenge 討つ revenge
corrupt 腐敗しました rotten, spoiled
critic 評論家 reviewer, judge
decent まともな nice, proper, modest
disciple 弟子 pupil, student, scholar
disclose 開示します reveal, divulge, unveil
dominant 支配的な ruling, prevailing, prevalent
effect 効果 influence, result, consequence, outcome
eradicate 根絶します root up, extirpate, eliminate, remove
expend 費やします use, consume, spend
harsh 厳しいです severe, rigorous, inclement
heritage 遺産 inheritance
income 所得 revenue, gain, earnings
insolent 横柄な impudent, impertinent, rude, overbearing, arrogant
isolation 分離 separation, segregation
jeopardy 危険 risk, danger, peril
ludicrous ばかげました ridiculous, comical, funny
mature 成熟しました ripe, grown, fully-developed
mock モック ridicule, deride
mutiny 反乱 revolt, rebellion, uprising
precious 貴重な valuable, dear, priceless
regulation 規制 rule, order, law
reign 治世 rule, govern, prevail
revert 戻します return, come back, revisit
spacious 広々とした ample, capacious, roomy, extensive
revive 復活させます revitalize
recommend 推奨します commend
strange 奇妙な unusual, peculiar, odd, weird, foreign
strict 厳格な rigid, rigorous, stringent
swift 迅速 speedy, fleet, rapid
swivel スイベル spin, rotate, turn
tense 時制 rigid, strained, nervous
traitor 裏切り者 betrayer
undermine 弱体化させます ruin, thwart
upset 動揺 capsize, overthrow, overturn, defeat
upset 動揺 disturb, distress, perturb
virtuous 高潔な righteous, good, chaste
wake ウェイク rouse, waken, arouse
withdraw 撤退します retire, retreat
worship 崇拝 revere, respect, venerate
Day 16 意味 同義語(Synonym)
alternative 代替案 choice, option
apparel 衣服 clothes, attire, costume
awkward 厄介な clumsy, unskillful
bid 入札 command, order, direct
chill チル cold, indifferent, emotionless
clash 衝突 collide, conflict
cleanse 清めます clean, purify
contemporary コンテンポラリー coexisting, simultaneous, synchronous
courteous 丁寧 civil, polite, well-mannered
disaster 災害 calamity, mishap, catastrophe
exception 例外 exclusion
feature 特徴 characteristic
gentle 穏やか humane, merciful, amiable
gross キモい bulky, massive, great
incorporate 組み込みます combine, integrate, include
intimate 親密な close, familiar
invoke 呼び出します call, summon
junction ジャンクション combination, union, joining
light illumination, radiance
loop ループ circle, encircle
lucid 明快な clear, obvious, distinct, evident
master マスター commander, chief, head
option オプション choice, selection
picturesque 絵のように美しいです colorful, scenic, beautiful
pillar column, prop
prevent 防ぐ avoid, avert, deter
pride 誇り conceit, self-esteem, arrogance
revolve 回転します rotate, circulate, circle
scale 規模 climb, mount, ascend
secret 秘密 clandestine, concealed, private
sensational センセーショナル exciting, stimulating
solace 慰め comfort, consolation
sort ソート classify, class, assort
split スプリット cleave, rend, separate
resemblance 類似 similarity, likeness, analogy, similitude
trim トリム clip, shear, arrange
unmindful 無頓着な careless, inattentive, neglectful
unrefined 精製されていません coarse, crude, vulgar
vary 変わります differ, change, alter, transform
venture ベンチャー adventure, enterprise
weary 疲れました exhausted, tired, wearied
Day 17 意味 同義語(Synonym)
absolute 絶対の complete, perfect
account アカウント explanation, exposition
chamber compartment
compact コンパクト compress
company 会社 firm, concern, corporation
complex 複雑な compound, complicated
compulsory 強制的な compelled, binding
concomitant 付随 concurrent, simultaneous, synchronous
condense 凝縮します compress, concentrate
conform 合わせます comply, agree, assent
consistent 一貫性のあります compatible, harmonious, coherent
constrain 拘束します compel, coerce, restrain
contagious 接触伝染性の infectious, communicable
contract 契約する compact, bargain
contrast コントラスト comparison
decisive 決定的 definite, conclusive, determinative
disdain 軽蔑 condemn, despise, scorn
element 素子 component, part, feature, constituent, ingredient
enlighten 啓発します illumine, edify
evil 悪の immoral, malicious
exhaust 排気 expend, consume
expand 拡大します bloat, swell, extend, enlarge
flattering お世辞の complimentary
full-blown 本格的な complete, matured
hide 隠す conceal, veil, cover
intricate 複雑な complex, elaborate, complicated
mammoth マンモス huge, gigantic, colossal
mercy 慈悲 compassion, benevolence
ordinary 一般 mundane, common, usual, customary
plain 平野 clear, distinct, obvious
popular 人気のあります common, current, general
recompense 報いる compensation, reward
reconcile 調整します conciliate, settle, resolve
remark リマーク comment, utterance, statement
own 自分の acknowledge, admit, allow
revolutionize 革命をもたらします completely change
rival ライバル competitor, antagonist, opponent
self-satisfied 自己満足の complacent, smug
stretch ストレッチ extend, lengthen, pull
succinct 簡潔な concise, brief, terse
tumult 騒動 disturbance, turbulence, uprising
Day 18 意味 同義語(Synonym)
ability 能力 faculty, capacity, competence
accept 受け入れます approve, acknowledge, admit
accord アコード agree, assent, concur
announce アナウンス proclaim, publish, declare
bond ボンド union
brutal 残忍な savage, cruel, inhuman
contempt 軽蔑 scorn, disdain
content コンテンツ satisfied, contented
crash クラッシュ shatter, smash
cynical シニカル sarcastic, satirical, sneering
dash ダッシュ rush, dart, bolt
devout 敬けんな pious, devoted, saintly
disperse 分散させます scatter, dissipate, diffuse
economical 安価な saving, thrifty, frugal
eventually 最終的には in time, finally, in the long run
expel 追い出します oust, banish, exile
faint かすかな indistinct, dim, feeble
financial ファイナンシャル monetary, pecuniary
frighten 怖がらせます scare, terrify, alarm
gain 利得 obtain, attain, earn
incense scent, fragrance
manner やり方 mode, fashion, way
mariner マリナー sailor, seaman
meager 貧弱 limited, scanty, deficient, insignificant
penetrating 浸透します piercing, sharp, acute
plot プロット scheme, intrigue, conspiracy
precaution 予防策 carefulness, prudence, forethought
rascal 野郎 scamp, villain, scoundrel
refuge 避難 sanctuary, shelter
rescue レスキュー save, deliver, redeem
reserve リザーブ save, retain, keep
rural 農村 rustic, pastoral
scrub スクラブ scratch, scour
secure 確保します acquire, procure, get
shade シェード screen, hide, conceal
soft 柔らかい yielding, pliable, plastic
specimen 検体 sample, model, pattern
speculation 投機 conjecture, supposition, surmise
terrific 素晴らしいです splendid, glorious, superb
Day 19 意味 同義語(Synonym)
advent 出現 introduction, appearance, arrival
aggregate 集計 assemble, collect, gather
assembly アセンブリ congress, legislature, parliament
associated 関連しました connected, correlated, linked
aware 承知して conscious
behave 振る舞います conduct, act
bewilder 惑わします confuse, perplex, puzzle
combination 組み合わせ conjunction, association, union
compress 圧縮します compact, condense, squeeze
consort 配偶者 associate, fraternize, agree
consult 相談します confer
correct 正しい remedy, amend, rectify
criminal 犯罪者 convict, sinner, culprit, offender
deadly 致命的な fatal, lethal, mortal
defeated 敗れました conquered
destiny 運命 fate, doom
detain 拘留します confine, arrest, keep
edge エッジ periphery, border, margin, boundary
elude 逃れます avoid, evade, dodge
endow 与える dower, endue, confer
faith 信仰 confidence, trust, credit
fight 戦い conflict, battle, war
fluster 狼狽 confuse, flurry
guess 推測 conjecture, suppose, fancy
importance 重要性 consequence, moment, significance
interfere 干渉する intervene, intrude
last 最終 final, ultimate, conclusive
last 最終 continue
manage 管理します control, conduct, direct, administer
mess 混乱 confusion, muddle
monopolize 独占します dominate, occupy
overcome 克服します conquer, defeat, subdue
prophesy 予言します foretell, predict
ratify 批准します endorse, confirm, sanction, validate
regard 観点 consider, suppose
shift シフト move, change, switch
state 状態 condition, status, position
stern 船尾 strict, severe, austere
subscribe 申し込む consent, agree, assent
successive 相次ぎます consecutive, continuous
trust 信頼 confidence, belief, faith
witty 機知に富みました clever, comic, amusing
Day 20 意味 同義語(Synonym)
accurate 正確 precise, true, correct
advisor 顧問 consultant
antagonize 拮抗 counteract
appall ぎょっとさせます frighten, horrify, shock
assure 保証します convince, persuade, satisfy
bargain バーゲン contract, deal, negotiate
brave 勇敢な courageous, gallant, dauntless
crucial 決定的な important, acute, deciding, decisive, critical
carry キャリー convey, transport, transfer
complain 文句を言います grumble
correspond 対応します conform, accord, match
daring 大胆 bold, courageous, brave
devise 考案します contrive, invent, design
duplicate 複製 copy, imitate
escort 護衛 convoy, guard, guide
expense 費用 cost, charge, price
expensive 高価な costly, dear, high-priced
face countenance, features
flash フラッシュ flame, flare, glare
include 含めます contain, comprise
infectious 感染 contagious, communicable
innumerable 無数の countless, numberless, numerous
invariable 不変の constant, consistent, unchanging
meditate 黙想します ponder, think deeply, contemplate
observance 遵守 conformance, conformity, obedience
opposite 反対 contrary, reverse, converse
organize 整理します construct, form, constitute
outline アウトライン summary, contour, silhouette
parallel 平行 corresponding, comparable, analogous
polite 丁寧 courteous, civil, genteel
preeminent 卓越した conspicuous, noticeable, outstanding
regulate 調節します control, adjust, arrange
respectful 敬意を表します courteous, polite, well-mannered
scorn 軽蔑 disdain, mock, scoff
shrink シュリンク shrivel, diminish, decrease
solid 固体 firm, hard, strong
steadily 着実に constantly
struggle 闘争 contend, contest, strive
twist ねじれ contort, distort
voyage 航海 cruise, sailing
wrap ラップ cover, envelop, muffle
Day 21 意味 同義語(Synonym)
abundance 豊富 plenty, profusion
alien エイリアン dissimilar, inconsistent, opposed
arrest 逮捕 seize, apprehend, capture
attitude 姿勢 position, bearing, pose
blink 点滅します wink, twinkle
contemptuous 軽蔑的な scornful, sneering
crazy クレイジー insane, lunatic, mad
discreet 控えめな distinct, judicious, prudent, considerate, cautious
entire 全体 whole
evident 明らか obvious, manifest, apparent, plain, clear
extensive 広範囲 wide, far-reaching, numerous, capacious, spacious
feeble 弱々しいです weak, delicate, fragile, frail, unsubstantial
marriage 結婚 wedding, matrimony
minor マイナー less important, secondary, subordinate
offensive 攻撃 displeasing, irritating, annoying, disgusting, disagreeable
passage 通路 way, route, path, lane, thoroughfare
perceive 気付きます see, discern, notice, apprehend, recognize
piece ピース segment, shred, fragment, scrap
pilgrim 巡礼者 wanderer
portray 描きます depict, picture, describe, represent
project プロジェクト plan, scheme, design
region 領域 area, domain, hinterland, section, province
safe 安全 secure, protected
savage 野蛮な fierce, barbarous, cruel, brutal
screen 画面 veil, cover, shield, shelter, protect
search サーチ seek, explore
send 送信 transmit, dispatch, convey
shake 振ります sway, waver, shudder, agitate
solitude 孤独 isolation, loneliness
special 特別 particular, especial, specific
squander 浪費 waste, lavish
survey 調査 examine, inspect, scrutinize, watch
temperament 気質 disposition, temper, nature, make-up
tool ツール instrument, implement, utensil
triumph 勝利 win, succeed, prevail
tyrant 暴君 dictator, oppressor
unpleasant 不快 disagreeable, offensive, repulsive
vanish 消えます disappear, fade
vile 下劣な wicked
wakeful 油断のありません watchful, vigilant, wary
wreck 難破船 destroy, devastate, ruin, shatter
Day 22 意味 同義語(Synonym)
accustomed 慣れて customary, habitual, wont
allege 主張します assert, claim, affirm, declare
bloody 血まみれの cruel, ruthless
breed 繁殖 raise, rear, nurture
chop チョップ cut, mince
conclusive 決定的 definite, crucial, final, ultimate
cowardly 臆病な craven, afraid, timid
critical クリティカル crucial, momentous, important
dawn 夜明け daybreak
delicate 繊細 dainty, graceful, elegant
devote ささげます dedicate
die 死にます decease, perish, pass away
distribute 分配します allot, apportion, assign, deal, dispense
emergency 緊急 crisis, exigency
fatal 致命的な deadly, mortal, lethal
fraud 詐欺 deceit, deception
guilty 罪を犯しました criminal, culpable
hazard 危険 danger, peril, jeopardy
heal 癒します cure, remedy, mend
moist 湿りました damp, humid, wet
ornament オーナメント decorate, adorn, embellish
outlaw 無法者 criminal, bandit
practice 練習 custom, habit
raw crude, rude, uncooked
refuse ごみ decline, reject, rebuff
roar とどろき cry, shout, yell, bellow
rot 腐敗 decay, corrupt, degenerate
ruin 破滅 destroy, decay, damage, spoil, demolish
rush ラッシュ hurry, hasten
shorten 短くします abbreviate, abridge, lessen, curtail, reduce
sly ずる賢いです cunning, artful
spoil 台無し mar, damage, impair, ruin, harm
standard 標準 criterion, gauge
statement ステートメント declaration, announcement, proclamation
stream ストリーム run, flow
subtract 引きます deduct, discount
thaw 解凍 defrost
urge 衝動 force, impel, press, instigate, induce
weigh 量ります consider, ponder, contemplate
yearn 憧れます crave, long, want
Day 23 意味 同義語(Synonym)
argue 主張します debate, discuss, dispute
ascertain 確かめます determine, discover
aspire 熱望します desire, long, yearn
bend ベンド curve, crook, bow
conquer 征服します defeat, master, beat
contrive 考案します devise, invent, design
decadence 退廃 deterioration, decline
decay 減衰 deteriorate, decline
deceive 欺く delude, cheat
dejected 落胆しました depressed, discouraged
distinct 異なります separate, particular, discrete
elaborate 手の込んだ detailed, intricate, complicated
flaw 欠陥 defect, blemish, fault, failing, shortcoming
flood 洪水 deluge, overflow
give 与える bestow, provide, confer, grant, assign
hate 嫌い detest, abhor, loathe
hopeless 駄目 desperate, despairing, despondent
humiliate 屈辱を与えます degrade, disgrace, shame
intensify 激化します deepen, strengthen
intentional 意図的な deliberate, designed, planned, purposeful
lack 欠如 deficiency, need, scarcity, want
measure 測定 determine, mark out, bound, demarcate
minute tiny, detailed, precise
monster モンスター demon, devil
notwithstanding にもかかわらず despite, in spite of, nevertheless
postpone 延期します defer, delay, adjourn, procrastinate
profound 深遠 deep, abysmal
protect 守ります shield, defend, guard, shelter, harbor
rebellious 反抗的な defiant, rebel, mutinous
regret 後悔 deplore, repent, rue
rejoice 喜びます delight
reliance 依存 dependence
represent 表します depict, express, portray
require 必要とします demand, entail, call for
residence レジデンス dwelling, house, habitation
resolve 解決します determine, decide
resolve 解決します find a solution for, solve
resolve 解決します analyze, disintegrate, separate
retard 遅らせます delay
rob 奪います deprive, plunder, pillage
slander 中傷 defame, scandalize, vilify
Day 24 意味 同義語(Synonym)
absurd 不合理 illogical, irrational, unreasonable, inconsistent
absurd 不合理 ridiculous, foolish, stupid
assort 取りそろえます categorize, classify, codify, separate, sort
beam ビーム shine, gleam, radiate, glitter
break ブレーク shatter, batter, destroy
common 一般 shared, public, general
consciously 意識して intentionally
context コンテキスト setting
damage 損傷 injury, harm, impairment
detach デタッチ separate
disgrace 不名誉 shame, dishonor, hurt
dormant 休眠 inactive, latent
egoism エゴイズム selfishness
environment 環境 setting, ecology
essential 本質的な vital, indispensable, fundamental
heighten 高めます increase
hinder 妨げます impede, hamper, obstruct, interrupt, check
information 情報 fact, data, intelligence
ingenious 独創的な inventive, original, creative
inquiry 問い合わせ investigation, scrutiny, research
keen 熱心な sharp, bright, intelligent
lodge ロッジ shelter, harbor, house
lodge ロッジ quarter, house
proportion 割合 size, extent, dimensions
reflect 反映します meditate, ponder, deliberate, contemplate, consider
representative 代表 serving to represent, typical, replacing
resolute 断固たる resolved, steadfast, determined
scan スキャン scrutinize, investigate
sever 断ちます cut, separate, divide
skeptical 懐疑的な skeptic, doubtful, incredulous, dubious
slumber 眠り sleep
succession 継承 sequence, series
summit サミット peak, acme, zenith, apex, pinnacle
transact トランスアクト perform, conduct, execute
transmit 送信します send, dispatch, convey, carry, transfer
tremble 震える shake, shiver, shudder, quiver, quake
useful 有用 lucrative, profitable, advantageous, beneficial, serviceable
violence 暴力 vehemence, intensity
Day 25 意味 同義語(Synonym)
aim 目的 attempt, direct, point, intend
apportion 分配します divide, allot, assign, allocate
catastrophe 大惨事 disaster, calamity, misfortune, mishap
confuse 混乱させる stagger, disturb, confound, bewilder, perplex
debate ディベート discussion, argument, controversy, dispute
despair 絶望 discouragement, disheartenment
discourage 思いとどまらせます dishearten, dispirit, depress
dishonorable 不名誉な disgraceful, shameful
dismiss 退けます discharge, fire
dismiss 退けます reject, refuse, decline
dissent 反対意見 differ, disagree
distinguish 区別する differentiate, separate, discriminate
draw ドロー attract, haul, pull, tug, drag
drawback 欠点 disadvantage, defect, shortcoming, fault
dusky 薄暗いです dim, shadowy
emit 発します give off, exhale, release, shed, radiate
expose 晒します subject, display, reveal, uncover
fright フライト dismay, terror, panic
frustrate 挫折させます disappoint, thwart
full フル complete, whole, perfect
full フル thorough, minute, detailed
industrious 勤勉な diligent, assiduous
ineffective 効果のありません useless, futile, unproductive
malady 病気 disease, ailment, illness
minimize 最小限に抑えます decrease, discount
minimize 最小限に抑えます underestimate
neglect ネグレクト disregard, ignore, overlook
offend 怒らせます irritate, annoy, vex, provoke, displease
order 注文 direction, mandate, command
order 注文 peace
perish 滅びる decay, disappear, vanish, die, wither
pious 敬虔な devout, reverent, religious
pollute 汚染します dirty, contaminate, corrupt
reduce 減らします diminish, curtail, lessen, decrease, abate
reveal 明らかにする unveil, uncover, expose, divulge
rude 無礼な discourteous, ill-mannered, impolite, uncivil, coarse
scandal スキャンダル disgrace, dishonor, shame
size サイズ dimensions, proportions, magnitude
submerse 沈めます dip, sink, plunge, immerse
subside 静まります diminish, die down
summary 概要 digest, extract, abstract
Day 26 意味 同義語(Synonym)
antipathy 反感 dislike, disgust, hatred
assign 割り当てます distribute, allot
blot out 消し去ります cover, hide
bold 大胆な daring, courageous, valiant
boom ブーム flourish, thrive, prosper
characteristic 特性 distinctive, special, peculiar
clear クリア lucid, distinct, plain, apparent, manifest
coarse 粗い crude, rude, rough
concentrate 集中 focus, cluster, intensify
contemplate 熟考します consider, ponder, meditate, reflect
cripple 不具 maim, disable, ruin
defeat 敗北 conquer, overwhelm, subdue
deviate 外れます diverge, wander, stray
disconcert 困らせます disturb, bewilder, embarrass, perplex
discrete 個別の distinct
eminent 著名な distinguished, prominent, outstanding, renowned
enemy foe, adversary, antagonist
entertain 楽しませます divert, amuse, please
fluent 流暢 eloquent, silver-tongued, smooth-spoken
hateful 憎いです detestable, abominable, loathsome, offensive
incessantly 絶え間なく constantly, continuously
liquid 液体 fluid
malcontent 不満 dissatisfied, discontented
modify 修正します change, alter, vary
mood 気分 disposition, temper
overlook 見落とします disregard, neglect, ignore
pastime 気晴らし entertainment, diversion, recreation
quality 品質 characteristic, attribute, trait, property, character
quarrel けんか dispute, argument, controversy
refute 反論します disprove, confute, rebut
relentless 執拗な unrelenting, stern, severe, ruthless, pitiless
remote リモート secluded, distant, removed
rotten 腐りました decayed, foul, corrupt
span スパン length, distance
stun 気絶させます astound, daze, stupefy, astonish, amaze
trouble トラブル disturb, annoy, vex, distress, bother
trouble トラブル effort, struggle, endeavor, exertion, pains
trouble トラブル discomfort, inconvenience
uproar 騒動 disturbance, tumult, commotion, turbulence, clamor
various さまざまな diverse, varied
woe 悲哀 distress, affliction, sorrow, anguish, agony
Day 27 意味 同義語(Synonym)
abbreviate 短縮します shorten, curtail, abridge, brief, truncate
ailing 病んでいます sick, ill, unwell
avoid 避ける prevent, shun, evade, elude, escape
blind ブラインド sightless
blow ブロー shock, calamity, disaster
bondage ボンデージ slavery, confinement
brief 簡潔な short, transitory, temporary, transient
comparable 匹敵します similar, equivalent, analogous, uniform
disgust 嫌悪 sicken, nauseate
display 表示 show, exhibit
earnest 本格的 sincere, ardent, eager
enact 制定します make into law, legislate
failing 失敗 shortcoming, defect, flaw
foolish 愚かな silly, fatuous, stupid, dull
important 重要 significant, substantial, consequential
judicious 賢明な wise, sensible, reasonable
knack こつ skill, ability, talent
massacre 虐殺 slaughter, annihilation, murder
mean 平均 signify, imply, express
mean 平均 humble, ignoble, vulgar
mute ミュート silent, dumb, still
participate 参加します share, partake
pit ピット sink
pit ピット hole, cavity
pitiless 情け容赦のありません merciless, cruel, ruthless, implacable, relentless
proficient 熟練しました skilled, adept, skillful
raise レイズ lift, elevate, hoist
rare レア scarce, unusual, infrequent, extraordinary, exceptional
ridicule 冷やかし sneer, mock, jeer, mockery
scream 悲鳴 shriek, cry
stringent 厳しいです severe, constricted, strict, tight
superficial 表面的な external, shallow, outward
timid 臆病な shy
uniform ユニフォーム invariable, unchanging, consistent
unsophisticated 素朴な simple, artless, naive, ingenuous
vision ビジョン sight, perception, discernment
vista ビスタ view, prospect, perspective
wily 狡猾な shrewd, cunning, crafty
Day 28 意味 同義語(Synonym)
aptly 適切に appropriately
attract 引き付けます draw, allure, charm
beverage 飲料 drink
blunt 鈍いです dull, obtuse
brood 同腹 dwell on, ponder, meditate
control コントロール manage, dominate, govern, rule
controversy 論争 dispute, debate
depressed 押し下げられました downcast, melancholy, gloomy
dichotomy 二分法 division
enthusiasm 熱意 eagerness, zeal, passion
evoke 呼び起こします draw, elicit, educe, cause
fate 運命 doom, lot, destiny
flair 才能 talent, aptitude, knack
foresight 先見の明 forethought
formidable 手ごわいです dreadful, threatening, fearful, frightful
frugal 質素な economical, thrifty
funny おかしいです amusing, diverting
gift 贈り物 donation, present, alms, contribution, offering
lessen 減少させます diminish, decrease, abate, dwindle
longing 憧れ desire, yearning, aspiration
medicine 医学 drug
movement 移動 drive, crusade
partition パーティション divide, separate, apportion
precise 正確な accurate, definite, strict, correct
publish パブリッシュ announce, proclaim, declare
readily 容易に easily, willingly
record 記録 document
relieve 和らげます ease, alleviate, assuage, mitigate, allay
reside 住む dwell, abide, live, sojourn, lodge
rim リム edge, border, margin, boundary, verge
shameful 恥ずべき disgraceful, humiliating, dishonorable, ignominious
shun 避けます elude, avoid, evade, escape
spectacular 壮大な dramatic, sensational, impressive
stupid 愚か dull, senseless, foolish
suspicion 疑い doubt, mistrust, distrust
swallow 飲み込む eat, gorge, gulp, engulf, devour
tame 飼いならします domesticated, mild, docile, domestic
trail トレイル drag, draw
wet ぬれました drenched, dampened, humid, moist, moistened
wrath 激怒 anger, rage, fury, resentment, indignation
Day 29 意味 同義語(Synonym)
acid sour, biting
amass 蓄えます accumulate, collect, gather
amaze びっくりさせます astound, surprise, astonish
becoming なってきて attractive, comely, suitable, appropriate
cause 原因 trigger, result in, initiate, bring about, elicit
component 成分 element, ingredient, constituent
conflict 紛争 clash, contend, fight
consequence 結果 result, effect, outcome
crack 亀裂 break, snap, slit, split
crisis 危機 emergency
crude 原油 rough, raw, unrefined
durability 耐久性 endurance
effort 努力 endeavor, exertion, struggle, striving
emerge 出てきます appear, loom
endeavor 努力 effort, struggle, exertion, essay
entitle エンタイトル empower, qualify
eternal 永遠の endless, everlasting, infinite, ceaseless, permanent
explain 説明します elucidate, explicate, clarify
finish 仕上げ terminate, end, conclude
hollow ホロー empty
impulsive 衝動的な emotional
insecure 安全でありません unsafe, uncertain
meet 大会 encounter, confront, face
melancholy 憂鬱 depressed, gloomy, dismal, despondent
note 注意 eminence, distinction, repute, celebrity, reputation
periphery 周辺 edge, border, fringe, margin, verge
practical 実用的 effective, practicable, useful
rapture 歓喜 ecstasy, joy, delight, bliss, exultation
reassure 安心させます encourage, comfort
restrain 抑えます repress, curb, suppress, check, restrict
rudimentary 基本的な basic, elementary, fundamental
sentiment 感情 emotion, sentimentality, sensibility
shed 小屋 diffuse, discard, emit, radiate
skirmish 小競り合い encounter, conflict, combat, battle, collision
stress 応力 emphasis, accent
sweep スイープ clean, clear
trespass 不法侵入 encroach, infringe, intrude, invade
upright 直立 erect, vertical, perpendicular
upright 直立 conscientious, righteous, virtuous
vengeance 復讐 avenging, revenge
vigilant 用心深いです attentive, wary, alert, awake, watchful
Day 30 意味 同義語(Synonym)
accumulate 蓄積します collect, pile up, amass
anger 怒り resentment, wrath, fury, indignation, rage
capacious 容量が大きいです spacious, roomy, commodious
celebratory 祝います congratulatory, honoring
clever 賢いです smart, intelligent, ingenious
comfort 快適さ soothe, console, solace
destroy 破壊する ruin, smash, demolish
diminutive ちっぽけな small
expert 専門家 specialist, authority, master
fair フェア unbiased, just, impartial, disinterested
fume ヒューム smoke
glide グライド slide, slip
govern 支配します rule, reign
grief 悲しみ sorrow, woe, sadness
hard ハード solid, inflexible, unyielding
inflexible 融通の利きません rigid, unbending, stern, resolute, steadfast
interval 間隔 space, distance, period
lone 孤独な solitary, lonely, secluded, separate
magnificent 壮大 splendid, august, stately, majestic, imposing
odor 臭気 smell, fragrance, scent, perfume
only のみ sole, single, unique
particular 特定の special, individual, specific, especial
polished 洗練されました smooth, glossy, shiny
rapid 急速な speedy, fast, fleet, swift
rather むしろ somewhat, instead
realm レルム sphere, domain, province, field
silent サイレント speechless, dumb, mute, tacit
slim スリム slender, thin
sound uninjured, unharmed, healthy
sound firm, stable, unimpaired
sparkle 輝く spark, glitter, twinkle
stiff 堅いです rigid, solid
stifle 窒息させます smother, suffocate, choke, strangle
tender 入札 soft, delicate, mild, lenient
velocity 速度 speed, rapidity, celerity, pace
whirl 旋回 spin, rotate, revolve, wheel
Day 31 意味 同義語(Synonym)
accompany 同行します escort, attend, companion
amuse アミューズ entertain, please, cheer
appeal アピール entreaty, request, petition
arouse 喚起する awaken, incite, stimulate
boundary 境界 border, limit
bury 埋め込む cover, hide
collective 集合的な accumulated, assembled
commend 称賛します laud, praise, applaud, exalt
confine 閉じ込めます limit, restrict, enclose, imprison
cumbersome 面倒な burdensome, awkward, bulky, clumsy
equal 等しい equivalent, tantamount
evade 逃れます escape, elude, shun
FALSE FALSE erroneous, wrong, incorrect
foe enemy, opponent, adversary, antagonist
gallant 勇敢な brave, valiant, daring, valorous, intrepid
hostility 敵意 enmity, antagonism
impudent 厚かましい brazen, insolent, rude
integral 積分 essential, crucial
jealous 嫉妬深いです envious, covetous
launch 打ち上げ establish, initiate, commence
lively にぎやか energetic, active, vigorous, brisk
magnify 拡大します amplify, intensify, augment, enlarge
mistake 間違い error, blunder, slip
nature 自然 entire and physical universe
nature 自然 tendency, characteristic, attribute
operative 手術 effective, efficient, effectual
peer ピア equal, mate, match
plague 伝染病 epidemic, outbreak
plead 弁護します appeal, entreat, beg, supplicate
pray 祈る entreat, supplicate, implore, petition, beseech
proven 実績のあります established, verified
provoke 挑発します incite, irritate, vex, enrage, exasperate
register 登録 sign up for, enroll
register 登録 list, catalogue
respect 尊敬 esteem, deference, reverence, veneration
respectable 立派な estimable, honorable, reputable
rig リグ equip, furnish
sterile 無菌の barren, unproductive, fruitless
sufficient 十分 enough, adequate, ample
transparent トランスペアレント clear, lucid, limpid, pellucid, crystalline
Day 32 意味 同義語(Synonym)
appreciably かなり estimably, perceptibly, significantly
assess 評価します evaluate, estimate, judge, appraise, calculate
banish 払いのけます expel, exile, deport
console コンソール comfort, solace, soothe
constrict 締め付けます compress, contract
consume 消費します expend, exhaust
exclude 除外する expel
exclusive 排他的 excluding
exert 発揮します exercise, wield
extraordinary 非凡な exceptional, remarkable, unusual, uncommon
illustration explanation, description
immoderate 節度を欠きました extreme, excessive, exorbitant, radical
impunity 刑事免責 exemption
interpret 解釈します explain, explicate, elucidate, account for
lavish 豪華な expend, waste, squander
level レベル even, flat, plain, horizontal
mania マニア excitement, enthusiasm
manifest マニフェスト evident, obvious, apparent, plain, distinct
merciful 慈悲深いです compassionate, humane, sympathetic, clement
meticulously 細心の注意を払って carefully
moral 道徳 ethical, righteous, virtuous
nervous 神経質な excitable, uneasy
occurrence 発生 event, incident, affair
overstate 大げさに言います exaggerate
pact 協定 compact, contract, bond
perform 実行します execute, carry out, accomplish, achieve, fulfill
perpetual パーペチュアル everlasting, ceaseless, constant
post 役職 column, pillar, pole
prolific 多産の productive, fertile
proof 証明 evidence, testimony
scrutinize 精査します examine, investigate, study, dissect
sententious 警句的な文句を好みます concise, terse, succinct
serene 穏やかな calm, peaceful, tranquil, undisturbed, placid
substitute 代替 exchange, replace
surpass しのぎます exceed, excel, outdo, transcend, beat
survival 生存 existence
ubiquitous ユビキタス omnipresent, existing everywhere
undergo 受けます experience, suffer
worn-out 使い古した exhausted
wicked 邪悪 evil, vicious, vile, impious, profane, blasphemous
Day 33 意味 同義語(Synonym)
adhere 付着します stick, cleave, cling
barren 不毛 sterile, lifeless, infertile, unproductive
blemish stain, defect, speck
comprehensible 分かりやすいです understandable, apprehensible, knowable
depart 出発する start, leave
detect 検出 find, register, spot, discern, discover
diffuse 拡散します spread, distribute, scatter, disperse
firm 当社 stable, steadfast, determined, reliable
float 浮く stay on the top
glance 一目 skim
gush 噴出 spurt, spout
incite 駆り立てます stimulate, spur, instigate, provoke
jump ジャンプ spring, bound, hop, leap
majestic 雄大な stately, grand, august, imposing, magnificent
maneuver 機動 scheme, plot, design
mar 3月 spoil, damage, ruin
miserly けちな stingy, mean
originate 始まります initiate, spring, emanate
pace ペース step, gait
pace ペース walk, step
platform プラットフォーム stage, pulpit
pose ポーズ propound, propose, suggest
position ポジション station, place, locality, site
push 押す shove, thrust
rotate 回転させます turn, revolve, spin, wheel, roll
scatter スキャッター disperse, widely spread, dissipate, strew
sedentary 座りがちな stationary
sneer 冷笑 jeer, deride, ridicule, scorn, scoff
soak ソーク saturate, steep, drench, wet
stake stick, post
station standing, rank
stout スタウト strong, stalwart, sturdy
sway スウェイ swing, oscillate, waver
sway スウェイ rule, reign, govern
trigger 引き金 cause, generate, start, initiate
unexampled 前例のありません unprecedented, matchless, peerless
voluntary 自主的な spontaneous, free, unforced
waste 廃棄物 squander, dissipate, lavish
weaken 弱める enfeeble, undermine, impair, diminish
Day 34 意味 同義語(Synonym)
accretion 降着 accumulation
agriculture 農業 farming
attach アタッチ fasten, affix, join, annex
blast 爆発 explosion, outburst, burst
burst バースト explode, blow up
character キャラクター feature, trait, characteristic
dimly ぼんやり faintly
doom 運命 fate, ruin, death, destiny
dread 恐怖 fear, awe
easy 簡単に facile, simple
enchant エンチャント fascinate, captivate, charm
enlarge 拡大します amplify, extend, augment, magnify, expand
excessive 過度の undue, exorbitant, extravagant
exploit エクスプロイト feat, accomplishment
extract エキス extort, derive
fierce 激しい furious, vicious, aggressive, brutal, ferocious
fiery 炎のような fervent, passionate, afire, burning
glee グリー exultation, merriment, hilarity
honor 名誉 fame, repute, reputation
languid 気だるいです listless, faint, feeble, exhausted, weak
legend 伝説 fable, myth
lengthen 延ばします prolong, extend, stretch, protract
loyal 忠実な faithful, devoted
mortal 人間 fatal, lethal, deadly
noxious 有害な noisome, striking, fetid
pierce ピアス penetrate
positive ポジティブ precise, accurate, explicit, certain
positive ポジティブ affirmative
pretend 装います feign, affect, assume
productive 生産的な prolific, fertile, fruitful
range 範囲 extent, scope, compass
sensation 感覚 excitement, stimulation, agitation
signify 意味します express, indicate, mean
simultaneously 同時に concurrently, at the same time
true 本当の accurate, real, authentic, genuine, actual
unbiased 公平な fair, impartial, unprejudiced, disinterested
vast 広大な immense, huge, enormous, extensive, prodigious
visionary 先見の明のあります fanciful, imaginary, illusory
vogue 流行 mode, fashion, style
weariness 疲労 fatigue
wither 枯れます fade, wilt, shrivel
Day 35 意味 同義語(Synonym)
accelerate 加速します speed up, expedite, hasten, quicken
adjust 調整します fit, adapt, suit
alleviate 軽減します ease, lessen, abate
allot 割り当てる divide, distribute, allocate, assign
aromatic 芳香族の flavorful, fragrant
blaze flame
celebrated 名高いです renowned, famous, well-known, distinguished
compete 競争する contend, vie, rival
credulous だまされやすいです gullible
decrease 減少 diminish, dwindle, abate, lessen
defend 守る guard, shield, shelter, protect
definite 明確な decisive, unambiguous, unequivocal, fixed, express
dictate 決定づけます determine, require, impose, ordain, prescribe
distinction 区別 difference
embed 埋め込みます fix, fasten, root
escape エスケープ flee, evade, avoid
excellent 優れた fine, eminent
fasten 留めます fix, attach
forge フォージ drive, plunge
forge フォージ make, fabricate, fashion
foul ファウル filthy, dirty, stained, polluted
gleam キラリと光ります flash, beam, glimmer
horror ホラー fear, dread, panic
imaginary 虚数 fanciful, visionary
inconstant 浮気 fickle, variable, volatile, unstable
initial 初期 first, beginning, inceptive
lay off 一時解雇する fire, discharge, dismiss
limber 前車 flexible
motif モチーフ theme, subject, topic
motif モチーフ design, device, pattern, figure
motionless 動きません fixed, still, stationary
patience 忍耐 endurance, fortitude, perseverance
qualify 資格を得ます entitle, authorize
sorrow 悲しみ distress, anguish, grief, sadness, woe
spend 費やす expend, squander, lavish, consume
spot スポット detect, find, locate, pinpoint, recognize
steadfast 不動の unwavering, steady, resolute, firm, stanch
treachery 裏切り betrayal, treason
ultimate 究極 final, supreme, utmost
Day 36 意味 同義語(Synonym)
auxiliary 補助 subsidiary, subordinate, additional
bizarre 奇妙な erratic, strange
bow stoop, bend
bow submit, yield
brook 小川 stream, creek, branch
check チェック inspection, examination
check チェック stop
combat 戦闘 struggle, fight, battle
contest コンテスト struggle, conflict, battle, combat, fight
device デバイス plan, scheme, project, design
ebb 引き潮 subside, abate, recede, retire
ebb 引き潮 reflux
elementary エレメンタリー rudimentary, basic, primary, fundamental
fashion ファッション style, vogue, mode
fashion ファッション shape, make, produce, mold, fabricate
fashion ファッション fit, adjust, suit, adapt
flow フロー stream, run
force strength, power, might, energy
legendary 伝説の mythological, fabulous, mythical
liberal リベラル tolerant, broad-minded, generous
notable 注目に値します noteworthy, noticeable, remarkable, extraordinary
nutrition 栄養 nourishment
obedient 従順な submissive, docile
obvious 明らか apparent, conspicuous, clear, manifest, evident
output 出力 production
pension 年金 subsidy, money
potent 強力な powerful, mighty, influential
probe プローブ examine, explore, investigate
quaint 古風な趣のある strange, odd, unusual, extraordinary, uncommon
reap 刈り取ります harvest, gather
senseless 無分別な stupid, foolish, silly, idiotic
stammer 口ごもります stutter, hesitate, falter
stock 株式 inventory, reserve, hoard, store
strain 歪み stretch, tighten
stroke ストローク striking, blow, beating, beat
sturdy 頑丈 strong, robust, stalwart, muscular, stout
surrender 降伏 submit, yield
tactics 戦術 strategy, maneuvering
tale 物語 story, narrative, fiction, account
wallow ふけます flounder, welter
weakness 弱点 flaw, defect, fault
widespread 広範 prevalent, broadly accepted, sweeping, extensive
Day 37 意味 同義語(Synonym)
accomplish 成し遂げます work out, fulfill, achieve, execute, complete
accordingly それに応じて for that reason
alarm 警報 fright, terror, dismay
ancestor 祖先 forefather
anchor アンカー fix, secure, fasten
backbone 背骨 foundation, spine
bode 前兆となります foretell, presage
cargo 貨物 freight, load, burden
companion コンパニオン partner, fellow, mate, associate
compel 強います oblige, force, impel
consider 考えます contemplate, meditate, ponder, reflect
deceit 詐欺 fraud, deception, cheating
disappoint 失望させます frustrate, baffle
emphatic 断固たる forcible, strong
ensue 結果として起きます follow, track, succeed
equip 装備します furnish, provide
establish 確立します organize, constitute, set up, institute, found
exorbitant 法外な expensive, excessive, extravagant, immoderate
explicit 明確な clear, unambiguous, definite
frantic 必死の frenzied, insane, frightening
hectic 目まぐるしいです full of excitement, feverish, fervid
hostile antagonistic, inimical, unfriendly
humorous ユーモラス funny, comical
idiotic ばかな foolish, stupid, fatuous
ingenuous 飾り気のない frank, candid, naive
jubilant 歓呼します exulting, joyful
mode モード form, arrangement
ominous 不吉 foreboding, threatening
pardon 恩赦 forgive, absolve, condone, acquit
progressive プログレッシブ advanced, forward
prohibit 禁止します forbid, inhibit
provide 提供します supply, afford, furnish
provision 提供 food, supplies
rage 激怒 anger, fury, wrath
refresh リフレッシュ freshen, enliven, reanimate
sip 一口 drink, absorb, sup
top apex, acme, peak, pinnacle, culmination, vertex
troublesome 面倒な onerous, difficult, annoying, burdensome
visible 目に見えます apparent, manifest, obvious, conspicuous
weak 弱い fragile, frail, delicate, feeble
Day 38 意味 同義語(Synonym)
abhor 忌み嫌います loathe, hate, detest
ambition 野心 goal, desire
bulk バルク great quantity
charitable 慈善の generous, benign, kind
cheerful 陽気な gay, joyful, jolly, buoyant
confer 与える bestow, give, grant
deny 否定します gainsay, contradict, reject
dreary 退屈な gloomy, dismal
endowment 寄付 gift, capacity, talent
fix 修正します fasten, attach
fruitless 無益な futile, sterile, unproductive
glance 一目 glimpse
grace グレース gracefulness, elegance, refinement
impart 伝えます give, bestow, grant, confer
joyful 楽しげ glad, delighted, buoyant, elated, jubilant
lordly 誇り高いです grand, magnificent, majestic, lofty
maid メイド girl, maiden, lass
melt メルト fuse, dissolve, thaw
mirth 笑い gaiety, glee, merriment
mostly ほとんど generally, chiefly
motion モーション movement, move, gesture
obtain 入手します gain, earn, achieve, acquire, attain
outspoken 率直な frank, open, candid
pant パンツ gasp
precipitation 降水量 acceleration, haste, impetuosity
promote 推進します further, encourage, advance
purified 精製されました cleansed
seize つかみます grasp, grab, grip, clutch, capture
stare 見詰める gaze
stoop 猫背 bend, lean, bow, crouch
surreal 非現実的な having a strange dream-like quality
talkative おしゃべりな garrulous, wordy, verbose
tough タフ firm, strong, hard, sturdy
transcend 超越します go beyond
troop 部隊 band, squad, party
twinkle きらめき glimmer, sparkle
virtue 美徳 goodness, uprightness, morality
ware ウェア goods, merchandise
yawn あくび gape
Day 39 意味 同義語(Synonym)
abrupt 突然の sudden, hasty, hurried
adapt 適応する suit, adjust, fit
adequate 十分な sufficient, suitable
advocate 提唱者 support, argue for, speak for, claim
anguish 苦悩 pain, suffering, agony
appendix 付録 supplement, adjunct
appropriate 適切な suitable, proper
assumption 仮定 supposition
deposit 保証金 entrust, save, store
duty デューティ obligation
employ 採用します use, utilize, exploit
envelop 包みます surround, enclose
follow 続きます succeed, ensue
food フード provisions
fragrance 香り scent
gloomy 憂鬱な shadowy, dim, dark
gloomy 憂鬱な dismal, dejected, despondent
hint ヒント suggestion, implication, allusion
implore 請います supplicate, beseech, entreat, beg
imposing 堂々 substantial, considerable, grand
luxurious 豪華な sumptuous, ornate, rich
maintenance メンテナンス subsistence, livelihood, upkeep
matter 問題 substance, material, stuff
nurture 育成 raise, rear, nurse
outdo しのぎます surpass, excel
oversee 監督します supervise, superintend, watch
pain 痛み suffering, distress, torture, torment, pang
prosper 栄えます succeed, thrive, flourish
purveyor 御用達 supplier
replace 交換します supersede, supplant, substitute
request 要求 entreat, supplicate, beseech, solicit
scold 叱る reprove, reproach, reprimand, rebuke
sequence シーケンス succession, series
sovereign ソブリン supreme, chief, paramount
splendid 素晴らしい wonderful, magnificent, superb
startle 驚き astonish, surprise, astound, frighten, alarm
suspect 容疑者 surmise, suppose, guess, imagine, conjecture
typical 典型的な common, usual, normal, symbolic, representative
Day 40 意味 同義語(Synonym)
annoy 困らせます irritate, bother, pester
arrogant 傲慢な haughty, insolent, overbearing
assemble アセンブル gather, bring together, collect, convene, congregate
attire 衣装 clothing
avid 熱心な greedy, avaricious, covetous
bite 一口 gnaw, chew
bitter 苦い harsh, acrid, biting
bound バウンド limit, precinct, boundary, border
cluster クラスタ group, gather
complex 複雑な group of buildings
convenient 便利 handy
customary 慣用 habitual, accustomed, conventional
danger 危険 jeopardy, hazard, risk, peril
dangle ぶら下がります hang
earn 獲得します gain, acquire, win
faction coalition, group, party, ring
fault 障害 blemish, flaw, shortcoming
grind グラインド powder, mill
injury 損傷 impairment, detriment, harm, damage
innocuous 無害の harmless
link リンク bond, tie, connection
moan うめき声 groan, mourn
mourn 悼みます grieve, lament, deplore, bewail
murmur つぶやき grumble, mumble, mutter
nasty 不快な filthy, dirty, foul, impure, polluted
port ポート harbor, haven
port ポート shelter, refuge, sanctuary
prospect 見通し possibility, chance, perspective, outlook
random ランダム unpredictable, arbitrary, haphazard, aimless
realize 実現します grasp, understand, comprehend, conceive
robust 堅牢な strong, vigorous, stalwart, sturdy
satisfy 満たす gratify, meet, satiate, suffice
siege 包囲 blockade, besieging
slavery 奴隷制 bondage, servitude, enslavement, subjection
slide 滑り台 glide
terminate 終了します stop, finish, end, conclude
treasure prize, cherish
universal ユニバーサル general, generic, common
Day 41 意味 同義語(Synonym)
abject 絶望的な miserable, wretched, mean
ache 痛み hurt, pain
altitude 高度 height, elevation
assist 支援する help
attentive 気配り heedful, regardful, watchful, careful
bar バー block, obstruct, impede, hinder, stunt
beneficial 有益 helpful, profitable, advantageous
celestial 天体の heavenly
crush クラッシュ shatter, smash, crumble
dead デッド deceased, extinct, lifeless
desperate 絶望的な hopeless, critical, as a last resort
encourage 奨励します hearten, stimulate, support
fade フェード wane, vanish, wither, decrease
fancy ファンシー imagination, fantasy
feud 確執 hostility
flat 平らな horizontal, level, even, plane
frank 率直な candid, outspoken
gigantic 巨大 huge, enormous, colossal, immense
hasten 早めます hurry, accelerate, expedite, quicken
hoarse ハスキー husky
imminent 差し迫った impending
inadvertent 不注意な heedless, careless, negligent
latent 潜在的な potential, hidden, dormant
lazy 怠惰な idle, indolent, slothful, sluggish
lofty 高尚な high, elevated, tall, sublime
luminous 明るいです bright, shining, brilliant, radiant
lusty 元気な vigorous, strong, robust, hearty
mankind 人類 human
modest 控えめな humble, decent
multitude 多数 throng, mass, host, crowd
persist 続きます continue, last
pile パイル heap, gather, stack
sacred 神聖 divine, holy
scruple 気がとがめます hesitation, uneasiness, qualms
scrupulous 綿密な careful, painstaking, meticulous
splendor 素晴らしさ brilliance, grandeur, pomp
strike ストライク hit, assault, attack
terror テロ fear, dread, horror
vulgar 低俗 coarse, mean, rude
Day 42 意味 同義語(Synonym)
actual 実際 real, factual, genuine
adjourn 延期します suspend, postpone, delay, defer
adore 崇拝します worship, esteem, revere
artificial 人工的な synthetic
associate 仲間 conjoin, unite, combine
attend 出席する wait on, serve
benevolent 慈善 kind, humane, generous
endure 耐える sustain, bear, stand, tolerate
enormous 巨大な immense, vast, huge, gigantic, mammoth
genial 温和な cordial, friendly, kindly
hang ハング dangle, suspend
inept 無能な inapt, unsuitable, inappropriate
inflate 膨らませます bloat, expand, swell
interrupt 割り込み hinder, stunt, intermit, stop
judicial 司法の judicious, juridical
manful 勇敢な manly
marvelous 素晴らしい wonderful, astonishing, amazing, miraculous
operate 操作します run, work, manage
organic オーガニック systematic
outlive 長生きします survive, outlast
pedestrian 歩行者 walker
practicable 実用的な feasible, possible, workable, usable
relish 楽しみます taste, flavor, savor
resist 抵抗します withstand, confront
retire リタイア withdraw, retreat, recede, retract
review レビュー survey, reexamination, inspection
sensibility 感性 susceptibility, sensitivity, sensitiveness
spontaneous 自発 voluntary, uncompelled, willing
stagger よろめき totter, falter, waver
stagger よろめき astonish, confuse
stagnant よどみました inert, inactive
stain 染色 blot, spot, soil
strategy 戦略 tactics
thriller スリラー suspense
toil 労苦 work, labor, strive
utterly 全く completely
valid 有効な just, sound, cogent
withhold 差し控える hold back, restrain, reserve
wonder ワンダー awe, astonishment, marvel
Day 43 意味 同義語(Synonym)
advance 前進 improve, refine, progress
brittle 脆いです breakable
careful 注意深いです deliberate, cautious, discreet, conscientious, prudent
convert 変換 change, transform
convey 伝える carry, transport, transmit
core コア center, heart
curative 治癒的な healing
custody 親権 imprisonment, confinement, care
disregard 無視 ignore, neglect, overlook
drive ドライブ impel, compel, force
entangle からませます complicate, involve
fascinate 魅了する charm, captivate, allure, enchant
great すばらしいです huge, gigantic, grand, immense, enormous
hamper 妨げます impede, hinder, prevent, obstruct
ignorant 無知な illiterate, uneducated
impel 駆り立てます compel, drive, urge
improvised 俄か impromptu
instantly 瞬時に immediately, instantaneously
kindle キンドル ignite, fire, inflame
lighten 明るくします illuminate, brighten, shine
malice 悪意 ill will, spite, enmity, malevolence
migrate 移動します immigrate, emigrate
milestone マイルストーン important event
momentous 重大 important, consequent, serious
out of the question 論外 impossible
plunge プランジ drop, dip, thrust
presently 現在 immediately, directly, soon, shortly
reckless 無謀 careless, rash, heedless, irresponsible
reflection 反射 image
sensitive 敏感 impressionable, susceptible
serious 深刻 important, momentous, grave
simultaneous 同時 concurrent, concomitant, synchronous
soar 舞い上がります tower, rise, ascend, mount
sprinkle 振りかけます scatter, strew, disperse
stately 風格のあります magnificent, grand, majestic, imposing
touch タッチ impress, move, stir
uncivil 不作法な impolite, discourteous, impudent
unlawful 非合法 illegal, illicit, illegitimate
vicious 悪質な immoral, depraved, corrupt, malicious
Day 44 意味 同義語(Synonym)
absorb 吸収します take in, imbibe, soak
accuse 非難します indict, impeach, blame, charge
angry 怒って indignant, resentful, irate
apathetic 無関心の indifferent, unconcerned, uninterested
comprehensive 包括的な inclusive, broad, extensive
continual 継続的な incessant, ceaseless
design 設計 intend, plan, project
financial ファイナンシャル monetary, pecuniary
furnish 提供します provide, supply
futile 無益な useless, ineffective, vain
idle アイドル indolent, lazy, slothful
inactive 非アクティブな inert, lazy, inanimate, passive
inconsistent 一貫性のありません incompatible, inharmonious, incongruous, incoherent
incontrovertible 論争の余地のありません indisputable
lean リーン incline, bend
native ネイティブ innate, inborn, congenital, inherent
notify 通知します inform, acquaint
passive 受動的 inactive, inert
persuade 説得します induce, prompt, assure
private プライベート individual, personal, secret, confidential
progressively 徐々に increasingly
pseudo 擬似 sham, counterfeit, false, fake
recover 回復します regain, reclaim, retrieve
regardless かかわらず inattentive, neglectful
remainder 残り remnant, residue, rest
scare 恐怖 terrify, alarm, startle, frighten
shelter シェルター protect, shield, harbor, guard, safeguard
spur 拍車 stimulus, incitement, incentive
suggest 示唆する indicate, hint, intimate
surge サージ increase, accelerate
unaccountable 責任を負いません inexplicable, strange, incomprehensible
unbecoming 不似合い inappropriate, unsuitable
unstable 不安定な unsteady, inconstant, weak
unyielding 不屈の inflexible, firm, adamant, stanch, resolute
vagabond バガボンド wandering, nomadic, vagrant
vague 漠然としました imprecise, obscure, indistinct
vital バイタル essential, important, indispensable
withstand 耐えます resist
Day 45 意味 同義語(Synonym)
abound たくさんあります teem, swarm
abstract 抽象 theoretical, unpracticed
apex 頂点 tip, summit, zenith, acme, climax
compact コンパクト compressed, tightly packed
conference 会議 meeting, convention
considerate 思いやりのあります thoughtful, charitable
coordination コーディネーション the harmonious functioning of parts
crowd 群集 throng, multitude, group
curious 好奇心の強いです inquisitive, interested
doctrine 教義 principle, tenet, dogma
drastically 大幅に extremely, severely, thoroughly
elegant エレガント sophisticated, delicate, polished, graceful
entity エンティティ thing, individual, object
era 時代 epoch, period, age, time
experiment 実験 test, trial
flourish 栄えます thrive, prosper, boom
horrible 恐ろしい terrible, dreadful, hideous, grim, ghastly
hue 色相 tint, color, shade
impair 損ないます injure, deteriorate
irritate 刺激します vex, fret, anger, enrage, infuriate
jeopardize 危険にさらします threaten, endanger
marvel 驚異 wonder
measureless 果てしが無いです limitless, boundless, infinite, immense
monotonous 単調な tedious, dull, unvaried
notice 通知 information, intelligence
nurse ナース tend, attend
opportune 時宜を得ました timely, seasonable
panic パニック terror, fright, alarm
pensive 哀愁を秘めました thoughtful, meditative, reflective
photosynthesis 光合成 the production of special sugarlike substances that keep plants alive
remedy 救済策 cure, treatment
reputation 評判 repute, honor, fame, renown
stab 刺す thrust, plunge
strictly 厳密に tightly, severely, precisely
trend 傾向 tendency, direction, inclination
unsettled 未解決 unstable, unsteady, shaky, changeable, infirm
wearisome 退屈な tiresome, boring, tedious, monotonous, prosaic
weave ウィーブ intertwine, twist, curl, meander, twine
Day 46 意味 同義語(Synonym)
alternate 代わりの interchange, occur successively
appliance アプライアンス instrument, apparatus, device, tool
bore ボア weary, tire
brain intellect
cheer 歓声 inspirit, animate, encourage
contain 含む comprise, hold
deter 抑止します preclude, prevent, inhibit, avert
examine 調べます inspect, probe, investigate
extravagant 派手な wasteful, prodigal
familiar おなじみの intimate, close, friendly
fast 速いです quick, swift, rapid, fleet
gleaming キラリと光ります shining
guarantee 保証 insure, warrant
guiltless 潔白な innocent, blameless, immaculate
hurt 傷つけます injure, damage, impair
inadequate 不十分な insufficient
inborn 先天的 innate, native, natural
incentive インセンティブ stimulus, goad, prod, motive, spur
inclination 傾斜 preference, tendency, trend
inquisitive 根掘り葉掘り聞きます inquiring, curious
intent 意図 intention, design, purpose
intuition 直感 insight
mad 怒って insane, lunatic, crazy
madden マッデン infuriate, enrage, anger, provoke, annoy
meddlesome おせっかいな interfering, intrusive, officious
menace 脅威 threaten, intimidate
naive 素朴な ingenuous, simple, unaffected
numberless 無数の myriad, countless, infinite, innumerable, numerous
outrage 激怒 anger, offend
pointed 尖った sharp, piercing, severe, keen
principal 主要な prime, chief, foremost, paramount, capital
rebel 反乱 insurgent, traitor
rigorous 厳格な severe, demanding, harsh, rigid, austere
savor 味わいます flavor, taste
slight わずかな insignificant, trivial, trifling
smart スマート clever, shrewd, intelligent, sharp
smash スマッシュ shatter, crush, crash
sporadic 散発的な infrequent, rare, scarce
stop やめる interrupt, arrest, halt
Day 47 意味 同義語(Synonym)
admirable 立派な praiseworthy, fine, excellent
amiable 愛想の良いです kind, friendly, amicable
ascend 登ります mount, soar, arise
assassinate 暗殺します murder, kill, slay
awe 畏敬の念 amazement, surprise, wonder
broad 広いです wide, extensive, vast, spacious
conscientious 良心的な just, upright, honest
constant 定数 invariable, uniform, unchanging, stable
cram 詰め込む jam, stuff
dilemma ジレンマ predicament, strait
enlist 入隊します join in, recruit
enliven 賑わします invigorate, animate
envy 羨望 jealousy
estimate 見積もり assess, value, appraise, evaluate
leap 跳躍 jump, bound, spring, vault, hop
merry メリー jolly, mirthful, hilarious, gay
narrow-minded 心の狭い intolerant, illiberal
original 元の inventive, creative
picture 画像 imagine, represent, portray, depict
predominant 優勢な prevailing, prevalent, dominant
preliminary 予備 introductory, preparatory
preoccupation 先入観 involvement
preserve 保存します save, maintain, keep, conserve
prodigious 並外れました wonderful, marvelous, amazing, astonishing
radiant 晴れやかな bright, vivid, brilliant, beaming, shining
research 研究 investigate, study, examine, scrutinize
reverence 畏敬の念 worship, veneration, homage, respect, awe
reverse invert
right correct, proper, appropriate
satire 風刺 irony, sarcasm
segregate 分離します isolate, separate, dissociate
sensible 賢明な judicious, sagacious, wise, intelligent, sage
stable 安定しました invariable, constant, steady, steadfast, unchangeable
strong 強い robust, staunch, mighty, potent, vigorous
tease からかう irritate, bother, trouble, annoy, harass
tempting 魅力的な inviting, attractive, seductive, alluring
type タイプ kind
unreasonable 不当な irrational, preposterous, absurd, senseless, stupid
worthy 立派な worthwhile, deserving
Day 48 意味 同義語(Synonym)
absolutely 絶対に totally, ultimately, perfectly
caption キャプション title, heading
categorize 分類します to arrange in classes, classify, class
cherish 大事にします treasure
communicate 伝えます transmit, convey
discipline 規律 training, drill, exercise, practice
gratify 満足させます satisfy, appease
halt 停止 stop, cease
hardship 苦難 trial, oppression, suffering
instrument 楽器 tool, implement
intrude 侵入します trespass, encroach, violate
labor 労働 toil, work
legacy レガシー tradition, culture, inheritance, heritage
maladroit 下手 unskillful, awkward, clumsy, inept
merciless 無慈悲な pitiless, relentless, inexorable
monstrous 巨大な tremendous, gigantic, enormous, prodigious, colossal
negotiate 交渉します bargain, treat
offense 犯罪 crime, transgression, misdemeanor, felony
operation 操作 transaction, business, affair
oversight 監督 mistake, blunder, slip, error
peaceful 穏やかな serene, tranquil, placid, calm
peak ピーク summit, maximum, pinnacle, acme, top
piquant ピリッと辛いです spicy
piquant ピリッと辛いです sharp, pungent
quit 終了する give up, stop, cease
remnant レムナント trace, relics
remove 削除します transfer, extract, transport, carry
shiver 震える tremble, quake, shudder, shake
sign 符号 token, indication, hint, trace, suggestion
snare スネア trap, lure, bait
spite にもかかわらず ill-will, maliciousness, malice
stamp 切手 trample, crush, pound
temporary 一時的 transient, transitory, ephemeral, fleeting
tendency 傾向 trend, inclination, proneness, bent
tolerance 公差 toleration, patience
traffic トラフィック trade
version バージョン translation
whip ホイップ beat, flog, thrash, lash
yearning 憧れ longing, craving, desire
Day 49 意味 同義語(Synonym)
ambling ambling leisurely, easy
barter バーター trade, exchange, swap
bulky バルキー large, huge, immense
depict 描きます represent, portray, picture, render, interpret
diminish 減少します lessen, reduce, decrease, shrink, abate
duration デュレーション length, term, span
elevate 持ち上げます raise, lift, exalt, heighten, increase
fable 寓話 legend
favor 好意 kindness, good-will
fervor 熱情 zeal, passion
foliage leaves
free フリー liberate, release, emancipate
grieve 悲しみます lament, mourn, sorrow, bewail
guide ガイド lead, show, escort, conduct
hoist ホイスト raise, elevate, lift
inaction 無為 lack of action or activity
inanimate 生気のない lifeless
indispensable 不可欠 essential, necessary, requisite
join 参加します link, connect, unite, attach, combine
kill 殺します slaughter, slay, assassinate, massacre
lag 遅れ linger
lawful 合法的 legal, legitimate, valid
lenient 寛大な mild, clement, merciful
loose 緩いです lax, slack
loud 大声で noisy, clamorous, deafening, resounding
misery 悲惨 wretchedness, distress, suffering, torture
permanent 恒久的な lasting, constant, everlasting, perpetual
permission 許可 leave, permit, allowance
praise 賞賛 laud, commend, exalt, admire
rapidly 急速に quickly, fast
remain 残ります last, abide, endure
rent 家賃 lease, let
shining シャイニング radiant, gleaming, bright, brilliant, glistening
smooth スムーズ level, even, plain, flat
sparsely まばらに lightly, meagerly
spring leap, jump, bound, hop, vault
stint 出し惜しみ limit
subsequently その後 later
terrestrial 地上の land, earthly, worldly
Day 50 意味 同義語(Synonym)
abate 弱まります reduce, let up, decrease, diminish, lessen
active アクティブ lively, brisk, positive
administer 管理します manage, conduct, execute, direct, supervise
avail アベイル make use, serve
bearing ベアリング manner, behavior, conduct
cast キャスト project, throw, hurl, pitch, fling
charge 電荷 impose responsibility
chiefly 主に mainly
coherent コヒーレント logical, consistent
count カウント matter, weigh, signify
discernible 認識できます noticeable, detectable, observable, perceivable
distinguished 優れました pronounced, differentiated, renowned, eminent
fidelity 忠実 loyalty, faithfulness, devotion
frame フレーム make, shape, mold, produce, construct
heap ヒープ stack, pile, accumulation, mass
huge 巨大 massive, mammoth, gigantic, colossal, immense
insane 非常識な lunatic, crazy
livelihood 生活 living
make 作ります constitute, form, compose
male 男性 masculine, manly
malicious 悪意のある malevolent, evil-minded
mangle マングル maim, ruin, spoil
manly 男らしい manful, brave, valiant
mark マーク note, notice, importance, distinction, eminence
mechanism 機構 instrument, system, means
miraculous 奇跡的 marvelous, wonderful, incredible
noble ノーブル lofty, honorable, dignified, stately
oppress 虐げます maltreat, persecute
reward 褒賞 recompense, prize
ripe 熟しました mature, mellow, developed
roam ローム ramble, wander, stray, rove
sheen 光沢 luster, brightness
situation 状況 condition, position, status
slack スラック loose, relaxed
slender 細い slim, weak, fragile, delicate
stroll 散歩 ramble, wander, roam, rove
stuff スタッフ material, substance, matter
unparalleled 比類なき matchless, unequaled, unrivaled, peerless
virgin バージン maiden, maid
Day 51 意味 同義語(Synonym)
attempt 試み try, seek
barbarian 野蛮人 savage, primitive, barbarous
cohere 密着します adhere, stick, cling
condition 調子 state, situation, circumstance
confidence 信頼 trust, belief, faith, reliance
cunning 狡猾な tricky, sly
disinterested 公平無私な impartial, unbiased, fair
faithful 忠実な loyal, allegiant
final 最後の ultimate, conclusive
humble 謙虚な unassuming, meek, modest, unpretending
impartial 公平 disinterested, unbiased, fair, just
impolite 無礼な uncivil, rude, discourteous
impregnable 難攻不落 unassailable, invincible
indifference 無関心 unconcern, apathy, inattention
induce 誘発します persuade, instigate, urge
intolerable 耐えられません unbearable, unendurable
jolt ジョルト shock, impact
lubricious 滑らかな slippery, smooth
negligible ごくわずかな insignificant, trivial, trifle, unimportant
obscure 曖昧な dim, faint, unclear, indistinct, ambiguous
omnipresent 遍在します ubiquitous
oppression 抑圧 tyranny, despotism, persecution
ordeal 試練 trial, test
overpower 圧倒する overwhelm, stagger, subdue, vanquish, subjugate
peculiar 奇妙な distinct, unusual, unique, eccentric, odd
prophetic 予言的な predictive
rank ランク position, standing, level
referee 審判 umpire, judge
reliable 信頼性のある trustworthy, dependable, infallible
resort to リゾートへ turn to
sad 悲しい sorrowful, mournful
spin スピン turn, rotate
suspense サスペンス uncertainty, doubt, indecision, misgiving
tangled もつれました twisted together
vertical 垂直 upright, erect, perpendicular, plumb
worry 心配 trouble, annoy, harass, pester, irritate
wretched 悲惨な miserable, dejected, pitiful, pitiable, distressed
Day 52 意味 同義語(Synonym)
abide 守ります inhabit, colonize, reside, remain, sojourn
accomplished 達成 skilled, proficient
average 平均 mean, median
blend ブレンド mingle, mix
block ブロック obstacle, barrier, blockade, blocking
compel 強います oblige, force, coerce
congress 会議 meeting, assembly, conference
craft クラフト skill, ingenuity
disorder 障害 mess, confusion, chaos
dissolve ディゾルブ melt, fuse
encounter 出会い meet, face
erroneous 間違いました incorrect, mistaken, false
error エラー mistake, blunder, slip
fame 名声 renown, reputation, eminence, celebrity
fog mist, haze
gaiety 派手 mirth, glee, cheerfulness, joviality
humane 人道的 merciful, benevolent, charitable, compassionate
humility 謙虚 meekness, humbleness, modesty
ignoble 卑しいです mean, base, degraded
imitate 模倣します mimic, copy, mock, reproduce
incredulous 懐疑的な skeptical, doubtful, dubious
maltreat 虐待します mistreat, abuse
means 手段 method, way
medium means, instrument
mislead 欺きます misguide, misdirect
muse ミューズ meditate, ponder, brood
overwhelm 圧倒する overpower, deluge, crush
phenomenon 現象 occurrence, appearance
proverb ことわざ maxim, saying
rational ラショナル reasonable, sensible
rear リア raise, nurture, nurse
remember 覚えています recall, recollect
repair 修復 mend, amend, fix, remodel
scanty 乏しい meager, insufficient, deficient, inadequate
scoff 嘲ります mock, scorn, ridicule, jeer, sneer
sense 感覚 meaning, signification, denotation, significance
sin transgression, trespass, violation, crime, offense
supernatural 超自然の miraculous, abnormal
tedious 退屈な tiresome, irksome, wearisome, tiring, monotonous
volume ボリューム size, measure, magnitude, mass
Day 53 意味 同義語(Synonym)
adjacent 隣接 near, adjoining
alter 変更します modify, change, metamorphose, vary
ambiguous 曖昧な unclear, vague
appoint 任命します nominate, name, designate
bare naked, nude, exposed
burden 重荷 load
climb 登る mount, ascend, scale
contend 争います struggle, strive, fight, battle, compete
damp 湿りました moist, humid, wet
dumb ダム mute, speechless
endless エンドレス limitless, incessant
especially 特に notably, specifically, particulary
forbid 禁じます ban, inhibit, prohibit
grave momentous, important, consequential, serious
guard ガード protect, shield, defend, shelter
hold ホールド include, contain, accommodate
inherent 内在します innate, built-in, congenital, natural, intrinsic
insult 侮辱 scorn, slander, abuse
miser 守銭奴 niggard
motive 動機 motivation, stimulus, incentive, inducement, spur
occult オカルト mysterious, secret, unknown, mystical
pecuniary 金銭上の monetary, financial
rebellion 反乱 mutiny, revolt
reciprocal 相互 mutual
remarkable 顕著 significant, conspicuous, noteworthy, extraordinary
requisite 必要な necessary, essential, indispensable
righteous 正しいです moral, upright, virtuous, equitable
short-sighted 近視眼 near-sighted, indiscreet, imprudent
sizable かなり大きな large
slay 殺す murder, kill, slaughter, massacre, assassinate
still まだ calm, motionless, stationary, tranquil, placid
temperate 温暖な moderate, self-restrained, sober
touching 感動 moving
tragic 悲劇的な mournful, pathetic, disastrous, pitiful
transfer 転送 move, remove, relocate
unassuming 控えめな modest, unpretending, humble, unpretentious
unite 団結させます join, combine, connect, incorporate, associate
valid 有効な just, sound, logical, effective, legal
vociferous やかましいです noisy
wise 賢い sagacious, reasonable, sage, judicious, sensible
Day 54 意味 同義語(Synonym)
capricious 気まぐれな unpredictable, impulsive
casual カジュアル unexpected
combine コンバイン incorporate, unite, associate, join
conceive 想像します understand, apprehend, comprehend
disloyal 不実の unfaithful
excite エキサイト stimulate, encourage, stir, incite, arouse
extent エクステント scope, range, space, stretch
fusion 融合 union
grasp 把握 seize, hold, grip, clutch, grab
hunt ハント seek, scour
illicit 非合法 unlawful, illegitimate, illegal
improper 不適切な unfit, inappropriate
incessant 絶え間のありません ceaseless, constant, uninterrupted, continuous
inhospitable 無愛想な unfavorable
intact インタクト undamaged, uninjured, sound, unimpaired
mighty 強大な powerful, potent
objective 目的 unprejudiced, unbiased, impartial, fair
pore 細孔 stare
proponent 提案者 advocate, supporter
pure ピュア clear, uncontaminated, spotless, immaculate, unpolluted
rebuke 叱責 reprove, reprimand, censure, reproach, scold
regular レギュラー usual, normal, customary, habitual
rough ラフ uneven, irregular, rugged, violent
sheer シアー unmixed, pure
sheer シアー steep, precipitous, abrupt
sober 地味な unintoxicated, sane, sound
spread スプレッド unfold, extend, stretch, expand
stationary 定常 unmoving
submarine 潜水艦 underwater
suffer 苦しみます undergo, experience, tolerate
ugly 醜い unlovely, unsightly, homely
unbearable 耐えられません unendurable, intolerable, insufferable, insupportable
unbounded 無限の boundless, limitless, interminable
unequaled 比類のありません matchless, unparalleled, peerless
unsteady 不安定な unsettled, changeable, unstable
untie ほどきます unfasten, loose, unknot
unwittingly 無意識に unintendedly
wave undulate, fluctuate
Day 55 意味 同義語(Synonym)
absent-minded 上の空の oblivious, inattentive
abuse 乱用 misuse, ill-use
abuse 乱用 maltreat, slander, reproach
accommodate 受け入れます adapt, suit, fit
accommodate 受け入れます make room for, hold, contain
affront 侮辱 offend, insult, abuse
aggressive 積極的な forceful, offensive, assaulting, militant
base ベース mean, degraded
celebrate 祝う commemorate, observe
crime 犯罪 offense, sin, felony
derive 派生する obtain, draw, receive
despite にもかかわらず notwithstanding, nevertheless
dim 薄暗いです obscure, faint, weak
disgusting 気持ち悪いです offensive, sickening, nauseating
event イベント occurrence, happening, incident
feed フィード nourish, graze
happen 起こります occur, befall
honesty 正直 uprightness, justice
infamous 悪名高いです notorious, disgraceful
inform 知らせます notify, acquaint
innovation 革新 novelty, new idea
jeer 冷やかす scoff, mock, ridicule
many たくさんの numerous, abundant, innumerable
naked nude, bare, stripped, unaided
noticed 気づきました observed
nourish 育てます feed, nurture, breed
observation 観察 noticing, perceiving, watching
obstacle 障害 obstruction, hindrance, impediment
paramount パラマウント supreme, chief, principal
ponder 熟考します deliberate, muse, weigh, meditate, contemplate
procurement 調達 obtaining
propose 提案します offer, proffer, suggest
prosperous 豊かな thriving, successful, flourishing
purpose 目的 object, aim, end, intent, intention
scent 香り fragrance, odor, perfume
slip スリップ mistake, error, blunder
stubborn 頑固な obstinate, dogged, rigid, persistent, headstrong
subject テーマ subordinate, subjected, obedient, submissive
substance 物質 matter, material, stuff
territorial 領土の of or being land
Day 56 意味 同義語(Synonym)
ancient 古代 old, aged, antique, antiquate
annihilate 全滅させます remove, clear, abolish, exterminate, eradicate
antagonist 拮抗薬 opponent
appease なだめる soothe, calm, tranquilize, pacify, quiet
arrange アレンジ order, array
contour 輪郭 outline
contradictory 矛盾しました opposing, paradoxical, contrary, inconsistent
converse opposite, reverse
deliver 届けます rescue, save
depose 証言します oust
distress 苦痛 pain, agony, anguish, anxiety
exclamation 叫び声 outcry
exterior 外観 outer, outside, external
gasp あえぎ pant
hole pit, pore, opening, cavity, hollow
ignore 無視します overlook, disregard, neglect
jam ジャム pack, force, squeeze
legitimate 正当な licit, legal, lawful
neat ニート orderly, trim, tidy
notion 概念 opinion, view
old-fashioned 古風な outmoded, antique, archaic
pack パック package, bundle, parcel
partake 参加します participate, share
persecute 迫害します oppress, harass, molest, afflict
portion 部分 part, segment, fragment, section
prescribe 処方します ordain, direct, dictate, decree
prestige 威信 reputation, influence, distinction
prized 珍重されます something worthy of a prize, outstanding, prominent
quiet 静か pacific, calm, tranquil, serene
result 結果 product, outcome, consequence, effect
revolution 革命 overturn, revolt
rich リッチ opulent, affluent, ample, abundant
showy 派手 flamboyant, ostentatious, gaudy
sole 唯一 only, single, solitary
sore 痛いです painful, aching
stingy けちな parsimonious, miserly, mean
surmount 乗り越えます overcome, conquer
uninterested 無関心な unconcerned, indifferent
verbal 口頭の oral, spoken
vibrate 振動します oscillate, shake, tremble, quiver, shiver
Day 57 意味 同義語(Synonym)
apply 適用します use, employ, utilize
appreciate 感謝する value, estimate
available 利用できます usable
capital 資本 primary, major, leading, principal, prime
conceit うぬぼれ vanity, complacency
consumption 消費 use, waste
disappear 姿を消す vanish, fade
encircle 取り囲みます surround, encompass, enclose
erect 直立 upright standing, vertical
exceptional 並外れました unusual, extraordinary, abnormal
express 表現します disclose, reveal, manifest, state, utter
godly 信心深いです pious, saintly, devout, holy
habitual 常習的な customary, regular, usual, accustomed
harness ハーネス utilize
helpful 役立ちます useful, advantageous, profitable
improvident 向こう見ずな unthrifty, extravagant, prodigal, imprudent
inapt 不適当 unsuited, unsuitable, inappropriate, unfit
indefinite 不定 vague, obscure, confusing, uncertain
institute 機関 start, establish
integrity 整合性 uprightness, honesty, righteousness
laud 称賛 praise, exalt, applaud
obsolete 廃止されました unused, out-moded
odd 奇数 unusual, strange, weird, queer, quaint, eccentric, bizarre
overthrow 打倒 upset, overturn, subvert
pathetic 哀れな pitiable, touching, moving
peaceable 平和な pacific, peaceful, amicable, amiable, mild
prevail 勝ちます triumph, master, overcome
recede 退きます withdraw, retreat
reluctant 気が進みません unwilling, disinclined, loath, averse
riot 暴動 uproar, disturbance
rouse ラウズ stir, excite, stimulate, awaken ,provoke
stale 古いです vapid, old, decayed
trifling 些細 trivial, unimportant, petty, insignificant, negligible
uncompromising 妥協しません unyielding, inflexible, rigid, firm, obstinate
void ボイド useless, ineffectual, vain
wielding 振り回します using, exerting, exercising
win 勝つ obtain, gain, procure, earn, acquire
Day 58 意味 同義語(Synonym)
apparent 見かけ上 obvious, evident, plain, conspicuous, manifest
ardent 熱心な enthusiastic, passionate, fervent, intense, eager
capture キャプチャー seize, catch, snare
column カラム pillar
compassion 思いやり pity, sympathy, mercy
convince 納得させます persuade, assure
execute 実行します perform, achieve
fragrant 香り高いです perfumed, aromatic, savory
gainful 有給の profitable, paying, lucrative
ghost 幽霊 phantom, spirit
given 与えられました particular, specified
incisive 鋭いです penetrating, biting, acute
irreversible 不可逆 permanent, irrevocable
locale ロケール place
manifold マニホールド various, numerous
monetary 金銭的な pecuniary
obstinate 頑固な unyielding, headstrong, dogged, stubborn, inflexible
orbit 軌道 path, course
pacific パシフィック peaceful, calm, tranquil, quiet
peek ピーク peep, peer, pry
penetrate 浸透します pierce, permeate, perforate
persevere 辛抱します persist, endure
pervade 広がります permeate, penetrate
phase 段階 period, stage, aspect
pinion ピニオン feather
pitiful 哀れな pitiable, pathetic, piteous
pity 同情 sympathy, compassion
religious 宗教的な pious, devout, reverent
ruthless 冷酷な pitiless, cruel, relentless, harsh, unrelenting
sanction 制裁 approval, permission, ratification, authorization
seep 浸透します pass through slowly, ooze
snatch スナッチ seize
subjective 主観的 personal, individual
sweat perspiration
trap トラップ pitfall, snare
unique ユニーク particular, sole
vice バイス wickedness, evil
wage 賃金 pay, salary, earnings
Day 59 意味 同義語(Synonym)
abundant 豊富な plentiful, ample
acute 急性 keen, sharp, poignant
acute 急性 severe, critical, dire
authority 権限 power
bias バイアス prejudice
civil 市民の polite, courteous, civilized
contaminate 汚染します pollute, stain, corrupt
destitute 極貧の devoid, poor
exercise 運動 practice, use
exhibit 示す present, display, show, demonstrate
extol 褒めそやします praise
fat 脂肪 plump, stout, obese
feasible 実現可能な possible, workable, practicable, viable
flexible フレキシブル pliable, plastic, adaptable, adjustable
forecast 予報 predict, foretell, foresee
fun 楽しいです pleasure, amusement
glory 栄光 honor, renown, eminence
homely 家庭的な plain, unattractive, ugly, simple
hypocrite 偽善者 pretender, imposter
illegal 違法 unlawful, illegitimate, illicit
inquiry 問い合わせ scrutiny, examination, investigation, research
issue 問題 matter, point, problem, question
jest 冗談 joke
plight 窮状 predicament, dilemma
posture 姿勢 pose, attitude
potential 潜在的な possible, latent
potentially 潜在的に possibly
privilege 特権 prerogative, right
prone 傾向があります tend to, susceptible, inclined, disposed, liable
scheme スキーム plan, design, plot
share シェア portion, part, allotment
status 状態 position, standing, rank
strength force, power, might
tempt 誘惑します attract, decoy, lure, induce, allure
tiresome 退屈な wearisome, tedious, dull
urgent 緊急 pressing, imperative, exigent
vigorous 活発な strong, robust, sturdy, energetic, powerful
virtual バーチャル practical, implicit
vow 誓い pledge, promise
Day 60 意味 同義語(Synonym)
allow 許可します enable, permit, grant
carriage キャリッジ vehicle, conveyance
cease やめます stop, terminate
clean クリーン unstained, clear, pure
dare 挑戦 venture, risk, challenge, defy
diverse さまざまな dissimilar, various, manifold
empty 空の vacant, hollow, void, unoccupied, blank
evaporate 蒸発します vaporize
even さらに level, flat, plane
even さらに unchanging, constant
exceed 超えます surpass, go beyond, excel
extreme 極端な ultimate, excessive, unreasonable
hardy ハーディ sturdy, robust, stout
immoral 不道徳な vicious, corrupt, amoral
indecent 下品な vulgar, coarse, immodest
lane LANE path, way, alley
loiter ぶらつきます linger, loaf
mask マスク veil, disguise
matchless 無比の unrivaled, unequaled, unparalleled
merit 値する value, worth, excellence
miserable 悲惨な wretched, unhappy
oral オーラル verbal, spoken, vocal
pale 淡いです wan
passion 情熱 zeal, ardor, fervor
perspective 視点 view, prospect
poison venom
prey 餌食 victim
profession 職業 vocation, calling, business
recast 改鋳 transform
relax リラックス loosen, slacken
sensual 官能的な voluptuous, sensuous
skip スキップ spring, jump, leap
stray ストレイ wander, roam, ramble
strenuous 激しい vigorous, energetic, ardent
submit 提出します yield, surrender, obey
trace トレース vestige, mark, sign
vibrant 活気のあります vibrating, shaking, oscillating
watchful 用心深いです vigilant, alert, attentive